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There are many types of brake pads, are you using the right ones?

Nowadays, more and more people are driving, but few people know about cars, not to mention the knowledge of the car’s accessories.

The most important thing about a car is its safety performance.

From a car’s safety performance, when a car is in danger, the most likely, in time to stop the danger is its brakes, brake pads and is the key accessories of the brakes. So the safety performance of a car. Directly related to the safety performance of his brakes, a car’s brake pads also have good and bad, you can tell?

The reality is that there are all kinds of vehicles, so there are also all kinds of brake pads. How much do you know about the types of brake pads? Disc brakes and drum brakes are the two main types of modern car brakes.

The most popular is the disc brake, and many cars on the market today, whether they are motorcycles, electric cars or cars are basically equipped with disc brakes, plus a lot of people modify their own brakes, but also make the market brake types, a lot more, today I will explain to you the characteristics of these brake pads!

The first kind of brake I introduce to you is the solid brake pads.

This kind of brake pad is commonly known as a brake disc with no holes in it, so this kind of brake pad is much simpler to manufacture.

It also means that this brake manufacturing principal is very low and easier to sell when sold.

The heat dissipation of the brake pads is not good and the braking performance is not good enough, so they are basically used for cheaper models or rear wheel brakes.

The second type of brake is the perforated brake pad, which is basically used in basic household models.

Because these brakes are hollow, there are many holes around the brake pads.

The brake disc brake pads with holes have better heat dissipation performance, which is to prevent a lot of heat generated during the braking process can not be dissipated, and now also produce a more fancy brake, such as the cornering type of channel, these have easy brake heat dissipation.

The third type of brake pad is a specific perforation on top of the normal brake.

This type of brake pad is generally used on higher performance cars because the car will need better braking performance when running long distances or at high speeds.

If the brakes are applied suddenly, it is possible that a lot of energy will be generated and this heat will quickly form a diaphragm on the surface of the brake pads, and this diaphragm will cause the brake pads to not function properly.

So these specific holes in the brake pads are designed to enable this suddenly generated energy to dissipate quickly in a short period of time, thus restoring the normal function of the brake pads.

The fourth type is the brake pad with scribed lines, the principle of this brake pad is the same as the principle of ordinary brake pads, by scribing marks on the surface of the brake pad, making the heat generated to flow along the scratch and quickly make the dust generated in the friction also dispersed, improving the friction performance.

The fifth type is to punch holes on the basis of the scribed brake pads, so that the scribed and perforated brakes are perfectly integrated together, and the braking performance is also excellent. These brakes also have their own characteristics, that is, the holes on the surface are not directly punched through, but half of them are punched, which not only can avoid the diaphragm produced when braking to stop the braking performance, but also can perfectly improve the braking performance of the car, which is also good from the aesthetic point of view.