Premium Ceramic Brake Pad

Premium Ceramic Brake Pad

Brand: OEM Toyota
Model: All Toyota
Year: 1982 – 2007
Origin: OEM From China


1. Our premium ceramic brake pad is designed with dual-layer shim, slot and chamfer for NVH control. No noise and low vibration.

2. No dust.

3. This ceramic brake pad also comes with high DTV performance and good wearing resistance.

4. Long rotor and pad life

5. No need to ‘break-in’

6. When you press the break pedal, it feels smooth but firm.

7. High friction coefficient, u≥0.45.

8. Green formula. The premium ceramic brake pad is environmentally friendly. It is asbestos-free, lead- free, symb-free and whysid organization free.

9. Positive mold design


The premium ceramic brake pad is used in various kinds of passenger cars and commercial vehicles


The premium ceramic brake pad product is placed in a packaging box then cased in a carton.


If there are any quality problems, the goods may be replaced free of charge.

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