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The best is what material is the brake pad?

Then there are questions, what kind of material brake pads to participate in how good it is?

There may be many people will answer in unison that it is ceramic, in fact, otherwise many old drivers who know the car are snickering, because you simply do not understand the brake pads, the next detailed for you to introduce the wonders of the brake pads.

First of all, let’s understand the structure of brake pads

Brake pads are generally composed of steel plate, rubber layer heat insulation layer, friction material, silencer, steel plate to be painted to prevent rust, the painting process with SMT-4 furnace temperature tracking instrument to measure the temperature part of the painting process to ensure quality, where the heat insulation layer is composed of materials that do not transfer heat, the purpose is to insulate against the version, the friction material is squeezed when braking, the friction is generated on the brake disc or drum, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle deceleration and braking.

Second, to know the type of brake pads

According to the different friction materials, metal type brake pads and carbon ceramic brake pads.

Among them, metal brake pads are divided into micro-metal brake pads and semi-metal brake pads, ceramic brake pads are classified as less, metal type, and carbon ceramic brake pads are used with carbon ceramic brake discs.

Finally, we need to know the brake coefficient and grade of brake pads

Friction coefficient, the parameter that indicates the friction performance of the brake pad, the friction system, is probably how “sticky” the pad is, the more sticky the greater the resistance, the more automatic the more sensitive, but the comfort and heat resistance performance is poor, lightly stepping on it will nod, very bad, it will soon burn.

material is the brake pad

Now we can know which level of ceramic brake pads belong to the ceramic store, belong to the f level, in the whole brake process is also considered moderate it

The general vehicle is lighter, such as the Japanese and Korean cars, it is recommended to use ceramic brake pads, the general vehicle is heavier, such as the United States and Germany, it is recommended to use micro-metal brake pads for the metal brake pads are more complex and cumbersome materials, will be with the car’s comfort level to the formula.

In fact, the best brake pads is not a phrase ceramic brakes can summarize the choice out, the world does not lack the most expensive brake pads, but there are suitable for your brake pads, in the choice, brake pads must buy the brand, such as the market sold are better, Dr. Philodrome, Brembo Ray Besto, now many brands marked friction coefficient, many are water models, born in the material and process, must be carefully selected.

Finally, let’s see what kind of brake pads are suitable for different models and car lines. In general, China’s domestic cars, together with Japanese and Korean cars, are generally slightly lighter, so ceramic brake pads are more effective and can give a high-grade feeling, and can achieve good braking effect.

European and American cars are generally heavier and require metal brake pads, so if you use ceramic brake pads, you may not be able to achieve the desired braking effect.

So, it cannot be said that ceramic brake pads are the best. Since the application area of other higher grade brake pads is relatively small, most car owners only know the type of ceramic brake pads and are not familiar with other levels of brake pads. That’s why they think ceramic brake pads are the best.The best is what material is the brake pad?