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Ceramic-based brake material or carbon/carbon composite brake material is the best brake pad

Ceramic-based brake material or carbon/carbon composite brake material is the best for brake pads.

Brake pads generally consist of steel plates, adhesive insulation layer and friction blocks, where the insulation layer is composed of materials that do not transfer heat for the purpose of heat insulation.

The friction block is composed of friction material and adhesive, which is squeezed on the brake disc or drum to produce friction when braking, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle deceleration and braking.

High-performance brake pads are the most direct, effective and simple way to improve brake braking power.

Most of the current high-performance brake pads use carbon fiber and metal as the main raw materials and emphasize the asbestos-free environmental formula.

Nissan bluebird brake pads how long to change, bluebird with what brake pads good?

The brake system of Nissan Bluebird is one of the important parts of the safety performance of the car, and all devices should be checked from time to time so that the brake system can work properly and ensure safe driving.

The following points should be noted in the daily inspection.

1, under normal driving conditions, every 5,000 kilometers on the brake shoes check, not only to check the remaining thickness, but also to check the state of shoe wear;

2, after replacing the shoes, be sure to step on the brakes a few feet to eliminate the gap between the shoes and the brake disc, resulting in the first foot without brakes, prone to accidents;

3, brake shoes after replacement, need to break in 200 km to achieve the best braking effect, just replaced the shoes must be careful driving.

Nissan Bluebird self-test car brake pads three tricks!

1, look at the thickness of the new brake pads, the thickness of the new brake pads in about 1.5cm, when the naked eye observation brake pad thickness has only 1/3 of the original thickness (about 0.5cm) or so, it should be replaced.

2、Listen to the sound, when the brake is tapped with “iron rubbing iron” sound, the brake pads must be replaced immediately.

The brake pads must be replaced immediately because the limit markings on both sides of the brake pads have rubbed directly against the brake disc, proving that the brake pads have exceeded the limit.

3, feel the strength, brake pads become thin will affect the braking effect, if the brake pedal feels significantly weakened, the brakes become soft, or a little brake, you should check whether the brake pads need to be replaced.

Nissan Bluebird brake pads with Philo/FERODO are quite good.