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“Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Companies in USA.

If you are looking for Steel Wheels Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA, you are on the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA.

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Address:9232 Hall Rd, Downey, CA 90241, United States


Plus code:WVHH+V9 Downey, California, USA


  • WHEELS Ace Alloy
  • American Offroad Aodhan
  • Bavar Racing
  • ESR F1R
  • Hartes Metal
top 30 Best Steel Wheels in USA

The purpose of our vehicle is mainly about necessity. Most often than not, it takes more than a regular change oil and the occasional car wash. We eventually accessorize our vehicles to make it look awesome. It’s like our second home, reflecting who we are and how sporty, elegant and luxurious we wanted to be. WheelPlus USA is the right place to visit who provides excellent customer service specializing in popular brands for custom designed luxurious wheels. We host a wide array of choices for known brand vehicles like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Audi, etc. We cater all American and European vehicles. Also offering a variety of choices from 3-piece forged wheels, 2-piece and 1-piece wheels that will certainly meet your specifications and requirements. It doesn’t end there.


2.R Compound USA

Address:12407 Slauson Ave Suite I, Whittier, CA 90606, United States


Plus code:XW6X+C6 Whittier, California, USA


  • Alloy wheels
  • Rim Steel wheel
  • Aluminium wheel Rim
  • Agriculture wheel Rim
  • Engineering wheel



3.SSR Wheels

Address:1849 Western Way, Torrance, CA 90501, United States


Plus code:VM2Q+52 Torrance, California, USA


top 30 Best Steel Wheels in USA

In 1970s when SSR released MK-Ⅰ,the alloy wheel demand increased drastically. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport constituted JWL standard in 1973 to ensure the safety and security of alloy wheels. JWL mark is indicated on the wheel that can pass this standard only. In 1981, the public third party VIA that inspects JWL standard was established. The quality standard of alloy wheels becamed more strict. Needless to say, SSR wheels comply with JWL standard (except for SPEED STAR series). In addtion, JWL and VIA marks on our wheels have unique value as our strength test standard is much higher than the one that is constituted by Ministry. Since established, SSR keeps evolving the performance of wheel. For us, pursueing the lightness and strength of wheel invariable theme. Therefore, our unique and higher quality standard is one of the essense of developping process. Even the fashion wheels, we pursue the lightness and strength. SSR does not change this stance.



4.Braid Usa

Address:2384 Franklin Rd, Bloomfield Twp, MI 48302, United States


Plus code:JP36+JV Bloomfield Twp, Michigan, USA



BRAIDusa is the authorized importer and distributor for BRAID wheels in North America.BRAID have been making high quality, competition wheels in Europe since 1976 and recently celebrated 40 years of manufacturing the last wheels you’ll ever need. Manufactured Near Barcelona in Spain, BRAID wheels offer a full range of competition wheels for all forms of motorsport and classic cars. BRAID wheels are specifically designed for competition but, of course, are equally at home on the street. Most are cast from lightweight aluminum and heat treated for maximum strength. Some are forged from light alloy. Complete with steel bolt inserts to prevent wear and hub-centric to your specific model so no hub rings are required. Almost any offset and bolt pattern can be accommodated to your specifications in both standard and special lightweight versions. Wheels can be ordered from stock or made to order and delivered to your door in 3-6 weeks.



5.BBS of America, Inc.

Address:5320 Bbs Way, Braselton, GA 30517, United States


Plus code:552R+JJ Braselton, Georgia, USA


  • BBS Steel Wheel
  • Aluminium wheels
  • Steel wheel rim
  • Alloy wheels
  • Steel Wheels Rim

top 30 Best Steel Wheels in USA

BBS has been engineering true high performance wheels for more than 50 years. Over the past 50 years, BBS wheels have won over 250 series Championships, ranging from F1, Touring Cars, Prototypes, Silhouette, Open-wheel, World Rally Championships, Hillclimb and Motorcycles. We understand what it takes to engineer wheels and technologies that can not only compete, but can win Championships. Since BBS produces OE wheels for many manufacturers including companies like BMW, Ferrari and Porsche, we understand the true performance requirements along with the proper load rating, tolerances and durability specifications.BBS does not compromise on strength or durability. Regardless of whether we offer a cast wheel, a cast flow-formed wheel or a forged wheel for a given application, the strength and durability aspects are not compromised. BBS has produced many cast flow-formed wheels for OE customers like BMW, Ferrari and Porsche. This technology can produce a high performance product that is also a great value.



6.SD Wheel

Address:1300 S River St, Batavia, IL 60510, United States


Plus code:RMPW+8G Batavia, Illinois, USA


  • SD Steering wheel
  • SD Grinding wheel
  • SD Wheel Centre
  • SD Alloy Steel wheel

Steve Hamilton, the Founder of SD Wheel decided to drive on the road less traveled over 15 years ago and that’s what made all the difference on his journey. Starting from humble beginnings he’s truly become an embodiment of the American Dream, the ideal that every US citizen strives towards with an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.We are the highest rated by customers just like you as the leading distributor behind the world’s most iconic brands. We’ve been accredited with Better Business Bureau A+ rating and multiple awards.



7.Fuchsfelge USA – Fuchs Wheels Authorized Dealer

Address:2721 E Artesia Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90805, United States


Plus code:VRGQ+2R Long Beach, California, USA


top 30 Best Steel Wheels in USA

Over 57 years ago the Fuchsfelgen legend started. Perhaps more than any other wheel the Fuchsfelge is so famous and delights so many people in the world. What began with the development of the first light weight forged wheel in series production, had developed over time into a legend of wheel history. It all started in the early 1960s as Porsche developed the type 911 and a very special wheel was required for it. It was to have outstanding qualities and present new dimensions also visually pleasing. It had to be an alloy wheel. Apart from the attractive appearance, its low weight and the reduction in the unsprung mass that came with it promised a superior ride quality. Cast-aluminium wheels could not meet Porsches requirements. OTTO FUCHS in Meinerzhagen was approached with an inquiry about the wheels for the new sports car. OTTO FUCHS accepted the challenge and developed the first forged aluminium wheel for series production, the legendary Porsche “windmill” wheel, which soon became well known as the FUCHSFELGE.



8.USA Wheel & Tire Outlet

Address:6628 Gulf Fwy, Houston, TX 77087, United States


Plus code:PM4W+H9 Gulfgate / Pine Valley, Houston, TX, USA


  • Outlet steel Wheels
  • Replica  Wheel
  • Chrome Wheels
  • Diamond-Cut Wheels
top 30 Best Steel Wheels in USA

Welcome to USA Wheel & Tire Outlet With humble beginnings from a small retail shop in Sacramento, USA Wheel & Tire has grown into their 5th warehouse. As we continue to grow with an eye towards the future, we keep in mind the quality of our products, and our commitment to excellence. With over a million square feet of combined warehouse space in the U.S. and over one million units in stock, USA Wheel & Tire has the tires and wheels you need, when you need them.




9.Radi8 Wheels USA

Address:16110 Old Valley Blvd, La Puente, CA 91744, United States


Plus code:2382+J2 La Puente, California, USA


  • Split Rim Wheels
  • Forged and Cast Wheels
  • Split Rim Wheels
  • Steel Wheels
  • Aluminium wheels




Address:13927 Amar Rd, La Puente, CA 91746, United States


Plus code:323H+C3 La Puente, California, USA


  • Steel wheel rim
  • Highway tires. …
  • All-terrain tires or mud-terrain tires. …
  • Rib Wheel tires
  • Spare Steel Wheel tires.
top 30 Best Steel Wheels in USA