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“Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Companies in Germany.

If you are looking for Steel Wheels Manufacturers and Suppliers in Germany, you are on the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers and Suppliers in Germany.

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1.Schmidt Wheels

Address:Efeustraße 19, 23795 Bad Segeberg, Germany
Phone:+49 (0)4551 / 96 450
Plus Code:W8G6+H2 Bad Segeberg, Germany


  • Schmidt Aluminium wheels
  • Steel wheel Rim Aluminium wheel Rim
  • Agriculture wheel Rim
  • Steel wheel Rim

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in germany

For more than 3 decades Schmidt is producing bespoke wheels for car enthusiast all over the world. Developed to make the best cars more individual. German technology and thoroughness are implanted into the well experienced team of Schmidt Wheels. The founder and owner Volker Schmidt is running the business as a car addict. Driven by passion – not money – the team is lead to invent and improve wheels for the best cars in the world. Everybody of the team was born and brought up in a free country without speed limit. In a country with public racetracks such as the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Living in the heart of Europe these people do understand because they drive themselves. Germany brought up the first motor car – a Mercedes Benz. It proved its usability when driven by the wife and the little sons of the engineer Karl Benz. Schmidt wheels invented RADINOX® wheels for individuals like Bertha Benz. People who take things in their own hands. For individuals who know to enjoy their days on the sunny side. Relaxed people who know to treasure a good piece of steak and the luxury of a German car. Feel free to become a member of the exclusive world of German Tuner wheels. Treat yourself with a set of RADINOX® wheels for your beloved car. European customers purchase their wheels via our distributors. Overseas customers please inquire at our German office for your set of wheels.


2.Brock Alloy Wheels GmbH Germany

Address:Schleidener Str. 32, 53919 Weilerswist, Germany
Plus Code:PR49+MR Weilerswist, Germany


  • Brock Steel Disc Wheel.
  • Wire Wheel RIM.
  • Light Alloy Wheel.
  • Divided Rims Wheel.
  • Split  wheel Rims.

Alloy wheels from Brock distinguish by their superior optics. But that is not everything, technical aspects like Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and other technological innovations complete every wheel project in its individual and recognizable shape. Modern software allows the design of mathematical and topologically perfect geometries already in the planning phase. So every single, for the strength irrelevant gram, is saved to protect natural resources such as aluminum or fuels on the one hand, while ensuring an outstanding driving experience on the other hand. As we signal with our motto “stagnation is regression”, technical innovations have a center position in our company processes and they are also the drive for our Change Management Department.



3.Accuride Wheels Solingen GmbH

Address:Weyerstraße 112, 42697 Solingen, Germany
Plus Code:52C8+HG Solingen, Germany
  • Alloy Steel wheel Rim
  • Chrome Wheels
  • Diamond-Cut Wheels
  • Forged Wheels
  • Replica  SteelWheels

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in germany

Accuride Corporation manufactures wheels, wheel end, and braking components for commercial and passenger vehicles. Our lean global manufacturing footprint means Accuride is trusted by original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket to deliver the best products, and deliver them on time.We are a leading supplier of wheel end systems to the global commercial vehicle industry. The company’s products include steel and aluminum commercial vehicle wheels and wheel‐end components and assemblies; and steel wheels for the European automotive and global agricultural, construction and industrial equipment markets. The company’s products are marketed under its brand names, which include Accuride®, Accuride Wheel End Solutions™, Gunite® and KIC®.We support our product portfolio with strong sales, marketing, and design engineering capabilities. Our products are manufactured in facilities throughout North America, Europe and Asia.




Address:Severinusstraße 52, 57482 Wenden, Germany
Plus Code:XVCJ+H6 Wenden, Germany


  • Steering wheel
  • Grinding wheel
  • Wheel Centre
  • Alloy wheel

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in germany

The beauty of splits is that they can be repaired. But only if you have the necessary spare parts. ENGELHARDT GmbH has specialized in the supply of spare parts for multi-piece aluminum rims. Rim bowls from certified production are supplied to fit almost all multi-piece rims. Not only can current models be repaired or widened, but also “old-timer rims” that are no longer manufactured by the industry are not necessarily a case for the scrap heap. ENGELHARDT GmbH is a specialist supplier of rim components. In our well-stocked warehouse, we always have around 2,000 rim bases for the most common rims and raw parts for custom-made products ready for you. We also supply the appropriate connecting screws and other accessories such as valves, centering rings, etc.!



5.Deluxe Wheels Deutschland

Address:Lise-Meitner-Straße 5, 63128 Dietzenbach, Germany
Plus Code:2Q6Q+6V Dietzenbach, Germany


  • Deluxe Alloy Wheel and Tyre Packages
  • Deluxe  Steel Wheel Care Guidelines
  • Deluxe Agriculutre Wheel Customisation
  • Deluxe Wheel / Tyre Fitment

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in germany

Deluxe Wheels Germany presents the Deluxe Wheels Collection. With the incomparable wheel designs ELiTE, MANAY, UROS and UNIT, we offer you innovative concave designs with a wealth of different surfaces and customization options, with a low dead weight and maximum stability! Let yourself be seduced and embark with us on a journey into the world of Italian cycling fashion…




Address:Morsestraße 7, 48432 Rheine, Germany
Plus Code:7FRW+92 Rheine, Germany


  • Rim City wheels Stamps
  • Steel Wheels
  • Aluminium wheels
  • Steel wheel rim

Wheelforce GmbH, from the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia, combines great expertise in the field of light alloy wheels with exemplary, process-optimized working methods and a great focus on daily customer care. Our innovative production technologies, far beyond the simple casting process – allow us to produce a level of quality that is at the highest level. The goal – to construct a powerful collection, which is unique in design and quality and far exceeds the TÜV Germany standards.



7.Maxion Wheels GmbH

Address:Ladestraße 1, 53639 Königswinter, Germany
Plus Code:M5JR+GP Königswinter, Germany


  • Maxion Alloy wheels
  • Maxion Cleveland Tyre & Rim
  • Maxion Pure Carbon Fiber
  • Maxion Squeal of Style
  • Maxion Waste Rim
  • Maxion Rim Drop Rite

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in germany

For over 100 years, we are putting all our knowledge, experience and inventive skills into the manufacturing of the perfect wheel for light, commercial and special-purpose vehicles. With an international network of strategically located engineering, technology and production facilities, we are one of the only wheel manufacturers who can deliver on a truly global platform. It’s the wheel that makes the world go round.Our wheels get millions of different vehicles rolling, from passenger to commercial to military. Wherever a vehicle is designed and developed, we’re right there from the start. With our unparalleled portfolio of steel and aluminum wheels.With our sites and plants in 14 countries across the globe. With the experience and performance of a market leader that produces more than 50 million wheels a year. And with a century-long history that rolls right into the future.



8.Dr. Wheel

Address:Paulengrunder Str. 10, 66904 Brücken (Pfalz), Germany
Plus Code:C9J4+CW Brücken, Germany


  • Steel Wheels Rims.
  • Diamond-Cut Wheels.
  • Forged Wheels.
  • Replica ‘OEM style’ Wheels.

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in germany

A rim wheel preparation and/or the refinement of vehicle parts brings many advantages. Choosing the right contact person is just as important as choosing the finish. With us you get competent advice, professional craftsmanship and a very good price-performance ratio from a single source.We offer you a complete service for everything to do with rims and finishing. From paint stripping to powder coating to tires.



9.Trelleborg Wheel Systems Germany GmbH

Address:Siemensring 44F, 47877 Willich, Germany
Plus Code:7GC6+H3 Willich, Germany


  • Alloy wheels
  • Steel Wheels
  • aluminium wheels
  • Steel wheel rim

Since its founding more than 50 years ago, Trelleborg International has been dedicated to making tires Steel Wheels, aluminium wheels, steel wheel rim riders and drivers can trust for quality and performance. Trust in Maxxis extends from average consumers to professional drivers Steel Wheels, aluminium wheels, steel wheel rim and riders, who rely on Trelleborg wheel to win world and national championships, Olympic medals, and more. Founded in Taiwan, Trelleborg got its start by making bicycle wheels, and soon expanded its offerings to include tires for auto, light truck, ATV, motorcycle, trailer, and more.Because of our ability to set ourselves apart Wheel-Pro as enjoyed modest success. Standing behind the idea that quality service means everything we ensure that all of our work meets the highest expectations from our customers.




Address:Alsbachstraße 15, 66115 Saarbrücken, Germany
Plus Code:6WWF+9C Saarbrücken, Germany


  • GEORGE Steel Wheel Rim
  • GEORGE Transportation of Materials
  • GEORGE Engineering Wheel
  • GEORGE Wheel Stores

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in germany

The GEORGE steel wheel mart production sites and competence centres develop, manufacture, procure, transport and market steel wheels for the automotive aftermarket. In addition, wheel mart supports the own distribution companies as well as the trade partners. wheel mart supplies the global passenger car aftermarket with steel wheels in original equipment quality.Main customers are the wheel mart distribution companies, selected global car manufacturers and wheel importers.This unit features a full range of steel wheels for cars licensed in Europe. The product service equals original equipment quality combined with in-time availability before the winter season.