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“Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Companies in Finland.

If you are looking for Steel Wheels Manufacturers and Suppliers in Finlands, you are on the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers and Suppliers in Finland.

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1.Gripen Wheels Finland Ab Oy

Address:Hallikuja 2, 65610 Korsholm, Finland


Plus code:4PGW+P9 Hjord, Finland


  • Alloy wheels Rim
  • Steel Wheels Rim
  • Aluminium wheels Rim
  • Steel wheel Rim

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in Finland

Gripen Wheels Finland Ab Oy An entire scope of composite wheels, completely underlying Italy, make increased the value of your vehicle. The edges of Italian Wheels Design utilize excellent unrefined components that are checked for each projecting part, ensuring most extreme protection from consumption and execution out and about. Finand Wheels Design. 30 years of involvement and development to guarantee your driving pleasure.With the propensity for being Italian, we need to tell the world the amount more dependable, more lovely and more exquisite it is to drive a vehicle with stringently Italian wheels. Quality, tastefulness and unbridled energy to astound the client are the qualities ​​that guide us


2.Sky steel Wheel Helsinki

Address:Katajanokanlaituri 2, 00160 Helsinki, Finland


Plus code:5X85+PQ Helsinki, Finland


  • SKY Alloy wheels
  • SKY Rim Steel wheel
  • SKY Aluminium wheel Rim
  • SKY Agriculture wheel Rim
  • Engineering wheel

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in Finland



3.Rautamo Wheel Fashion

Address:Pukkisaarentie 4, 68600 Pietarsaari, Finland


Plus code:MQ2P+HR Jakobstad, Finland


  • Alloy Wheel and Tyre Packages
  • Steel Wheel Care Guidelines
  • agriculutre Wheel Customisation
  • Wheel / Tyre Fitment

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in Finland



4.Vossen Time On Wheels Finland Oy

Address:Pietarinkatu 4, 50100 Mikkeli, Finland

Tel:+35020 692 999

Plus code:M7Q5+VH Kenkävero, Finland



Time On Wheels Finland Oy was founded in 1985. It is a limited liability company domiciled in Mikkeli and its main business is Autokorjaamo ja Autohuolto. The company’s CEO is Seppo Kalevi Simpanen. The official name of the company is Time on wheels Finland Oy. The company’s Time On Wheels Finland Oy’s turnover was 162 thousand and the result for the financial year was 5 thousand. Net sales increased by 28.6%. The operating profit margin was 3.7%. The information is based on the company’s most recent financial statements for 2021. Data source: Enterprise and Corporate Information System (YTJ), Fonecta, Trade Register, Suomen Asiakastieto Is this your company? You can change the information displayed in the free My Fonecta service. Log in to My Fonecta here.



5.Arctic Wheels Oy

Address:Valtakatu 4 B, 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland


Plus code:FPXM+GH Rovaniemi landskommun Suutarinkorva, Finland


  • Steel Wheel TYRE Tube
  • Aluminium wheels
  • Steel wheel rim
  • Alloy wheels
  • Steel Wheels Rim

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in Finland

Heikki Poranen, the owner of Arctic Wheels LTD, was a top rally driver on national championchips on 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Poranen has been the Clerk of the course of Arctic Lapland Rally – a European Championship event – for the past 43 years. Poranen is a qualified driving instructor and international rally competitions keep him busy, when he is acting as Steward or Observer. Test and improve your driving skills in winter conditions and have a taste of speed in a real rally car. Arctic Wheels LTD has a long experience in arranging driving schools and various car competitions. Promotional events for numerous car and tyre manufacturers are also part of our business. The driving tracks are situated just few kilometres from the city Centre and can be designed according to the client’s requirements. Company banners and flags can be placed on the track. Hot berry juice is served throughout the programmes. Lunch can be arranged on the track by the campfires.



6.Wheel Factory Finland Oy

Address:Koivistontie 4, 21140 Rymättylä, Finland


Plus code:9WJH+6J Rymättylä, Finland


  • Rim City wheels Stamps
  • Steel Wheels
  • Aluminium wheels
  • Steel wheel rim

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in Finland

Wheel Factory Finland is a company founded in 2015 that specializes in surfaces and rims. Our know-how is based on more than 20 years of experience in motorcycles, as well as in the manufacture of spokes and rims. We represent the best brands in the industry, DID, House and Symotic. We are a distributor of the above brands in Finland and Europe. Our selection also includes many other brands of rims, tires and accessories for Mopeds, as well as Custom, Classic, Motocross and Enduro motorcycles. Wheel Factory Finland pays special attention to product quality and quality control, which is why we use only the best components, manufacturing methods and measuring equipment in the industry.



7.Spare Wheel Oy

Address:Kempeleentie 7 b 10, 90400 Oulu, Finland


Plus code:XFX6+QM Oulunsalo, Finland



Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in Finland

Time On Wheels Finland Oy has gained plenty of competence with more than 35 years of experience. We have used and gained knowledge with different materials and manufacturing methods thanks to our modern and efficient production machinery in milling, turning and grinding. Quality control is done with high-precision measuring equipment to make sure that our high standards are fulfilled. Small and medium series of complex components is our main area but we are always open to new challenges.Our experienced, skilled and service-minded people have created over 200 000 actuators, valves and services worldwide. Precise motion in extreme conditions is our speciality so our products can be used under any circumstance.



8.Big Wheels Pieksamaki

Address:Savontie 13, 76100 Pieksämäki, Finland


Plus code:8523+CC Pieksämäki, Finland


  • BIG wheels Steel wheel
  • Aluminium wheel Rim
  • Agriculture wheel Rim
  • Engineering wheel

Big Wheels was founded in 1979 and our first actuators were developed in the 80’s with Valmet. We have developed and manufactured all profiling actuators for Valmet / Metso between 1984-2009. Big Wheels Systems has delivered thousands of actuators to paper, board and pulp mills through ABB and Voith. We are also manufacturing and supplying our products in the fields of research and medical equipment.Fulfilling customers needs with our high quality products and services is the number one priority for us. We put plenty of effort into being on time with every single case. Thanks to our flexibility and proactivity, it is easy to collaborate with us even with of customized products.




Address:Rudolf Koivun tie 6, 38250 Sastamala, Finland


Plus code:8W98+P8 Sastamala, Finland


  • Split Rim Wheels
  • Forged and Cast Wheels
  • Split Rim Wheels
  • Steel Wheels
  • Aluminium wheels

Top 10 Best Steel Wheels Manufacturers & Suppliers in Finland

We are a company specializing in rims, chassis, tires and car care products. We serve people who demand quality and value individuality. We import several rim brands and a wide range of accessories and supply and install tires.
Contact us – we will help you find what you need!



10.Tasowheel Gears Oy

Address:Hepolamminkatu 27 A, 33720 Tampere, Finland


Plus code:FV66+3R Tampere, Finland


  • Steel wheel rim
  • Highway tires. …
  • All-terrain tires or mud-terrain tires. …
  • Rib Wheel tires
  • Spare Steel Wheel tires.

Company Intro

Tasowheel Systems is the global leader in profiling actuator manufacturing and we have made over 200.000 actuators and valves for paper machines. We offer original spare parts, maintenance, repair services as well as CD control systems for paper industry around the world.Tasowheel Systems operates also in health technology by developing solutions where precise and silent transmission and motion is needed. We are a constantly growing company with high-quality products and aspiring targets