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How many kilometers to change the brake disc of the car?

The brake disc is a very important part of the brake system, which relies on the caliper to grab the brake disc to achieve braking.

Brake discs wear out after long hours of work and are wear parts that need to be replaced regularly.

Not replacing them can have serious consequences such as brake disc fracture. So how often is it appropriate to replace the brake discs in a car?

The use time of brake discs is not a hard and fast rule, but is determined by personal driving conditions, frequency and habits, everyone is different, you may have heard of someone 50,000 to 60,000 km to change, but also heard of someone 100,000 km or even 150,000 km has not changed, this is a combination of various factors, not the only.

But this also has a predicted time, the general brake pads are 30-40,000 km need to be replaced, brake discs are left to 70,000 km need to be replaced, brake pads are relatively short, and generally replaced twice after the car began to replace the brake discs, rear brakes 80-100,000 km replacement, in fact, the brake discs can be judged how long to replace.

The reason why many people will raise such a question, in fact, is afraid to go to the 4 S store or other repair stores when they are cheated, I’ve seen some people drive 20,000 kilometers, and just run urban and high-speed, the results to the 4 Sstore was told that need to be replaced, this phenomenon in the normal view that is a lie, I also think so, but special circumstances may exist, I will not define, check what all I don’t define it.

In fact, there are two data on the brake disc, one is the thickness of the new disc, one is the limit of the thickness after use, if lower than that limit data should be replaced.

Personally, I think, because of the different driving habits of each person, brake discs, brake pads used different, European standards are worn 2 mm or 50-60,000 km need to be replaced, there are deformed brake discs, while in the country, there are no hard and fast rules. In fact, brake discs and brake pads are an important task that must be checked before driving, and some 4S stores are really responsible and can remind you of the need to replace the brake discs.

If there is a “iron scuffing” sound or screeching sound while tapping the brakes (which may also be the effect of brake pad wear at the beginning of the installation), then the brake pads must be replaced immediately.

The brake pads have exceeded their limits because the limit markings on both sides of the brake pads have rubbed directly against the brake discs. In this case, when replacing the brake pads, you should check the brake discs at the same time.

When this sound occurs, the brake discs are often damaged and scratched, so even if you replace the brake pads with new ones, you still can’t eliminate the sound, so it is recommended to replace the brake discs in time.

In addition, some bad quality brake pads have hard spots, which will also produce a strange sound, and generally such a noise will disappear after a period of time.