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What are the ways to improve brake performanc?

The braking performance of a car will directly affect the safety performance and braking distance of the car.

So what are the options and methods to improve the braking performance of our car and shorten the braking distance?

I. Replace high performance brake pads

Many car owners feel that their car brakes feel soft and have insufficient braking power.

To improve this problem, we do not need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to modify the entire brake system.

Perhaps replacing the brake pads with a set of high-performance car pads can solve the problem.

The reason is that car companies take a relatively conservative attitude and program when choosing brake pads by combining durability, braking distance, brake dust, and noise factors.

So owners want to improve the brake performance, we usually recommend upgrading the modified brake pads, just like we change the lights of the car, the original factory lights are too dark, not enough, we upgrade the LED lights to meet their needs; the original factory speaker effect is general, we will also choose to replace the modified better speaker effect is the same reason.

Generally speaking, the original factory brake pads are less metal brake pads, the coefficient of friction is about 0.35; high-performance brake pads are ceramic brake formula, the coefficient of friction is about 0.45.

This method is the most economical and convenient solution to improve brake performance.

Second, replace the high-performance brake discs.

General brake discs for modification, like Velocette brake discs are basically divided into three categories.

1. Heat treated high carbon modified brake discs.

2、Heat treatment high carbon original car upgrade disc.

3、Carbon ceramic brake discs. Carbon ceramic brake discs have the characteristics of light weight, good heat recession performance, long durability and good performance; however, the price is also the highest. Like some racing cars or high-end sports cars are more widely used.Third, replace the performance cali

Third, replace the performance calipers.

Now, like some high-end cars, the factory has come with performance calipers, so these owners do not need to upgrade the calipers.

You can directly replace the performance brake pads.

If the factory does not have performance calipers, you can upgrade and replace the performance calipers of big brands like AP and Brembo.

For example, if the original brake assembly is a two-piston brake assembly, if you raise it to a four-piston brake assembly. It will definitely improve the braking performance by a big chunk.

Fourth, upgrade the entire brake system.

It is to modify all the original brake pads, brake discs, calipers and other parts; that is, a one-time program. Of course, the effect of this option is also the most direct and effective; however, the upgrade cost is also relatively high. If you have a high budget at the beginning, you can choose this option.

Five, upgrade tires

If you want to improve the braking performance simply and effectively, replacing a better tire is definitely the first choice.

And the effect is obvious, the tires are the only parts in contact with the ground, the greater the grip, the more obvious the braking performance improvement oh.