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Mercedes brake pads can be changed by ourselves?

Check whether the brake pads you are replacing are pure accessories (i.e. matching products),

the integrity of the product packaging, whether the anti-counterfeiting mark and packaging logo are consistent with the logo on the brake pads, and whether the product model is consistent with the content of the certificate of conformity.

Before lifting the vehicle, you should open the brake fluid cover, and the tire screws should be loosened.

If you use simple jack support, you should support the jack well and reinforce the wheel without replacing the brake pads.

Remove the tire, loosen the clamp body fastening screw, and check the screw and clamp sliding guide, remove the mud and oil on it, and lubricate it for maintenance.

Remove the old brake pads and check the wear level of the brake discs, whether they are grooved and grooved.

Severe wear (3mm deep on one side) should be replaced with new brake discs with a cycle of 80,000 – 120,000 km,

otherwise, the wear of the newly replaced brake pads will be accelerated, and the direction of braking will be shaky and the braking force will be too small.