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Car Shock Absorber

In order to make the frame and body vibration quickly attenuate, improve the smoothness and comfort of the car driving, the car suspension system is generally equipped with shock absorbers, the car is widely used on the two-way action cartridge shock absorber.

1. Introduction of Car Shock Absorber

Shock absorber is a wearable accessory in the process of using the car, and the shock absorber works

The structure of shock absorber

Good or bad, will directly affect the smoothness of the car driving and the life of other parts, so the shock absorber should be in good working condition frequently.

2. Failure test of Car Shock Absorber

1. so that the car in poor road conditions on the road after 10km parking, touch the shock absorber shell by hand, if not hot enough, that the shock absorber internal no resistance, the shock absorber does not work. At this time, you can add the appropriate lubricant, and then test, if the shell is hot, the shock absorber internal lack of oil, should add sufficient oil; otherwise, the shock absorber failure.

Auto shock absorber

2. Press the bumper hard and then release it, if the car has 2~3 jumps, it means the shock absorber is working well.

3. When the car is driving slowly and emergency braking, if the car vibrates more violently, it means the shock absorber has problems.

4. remove the shock absorber will be upright, and the lower end of the connecting ring clamped in a vise, force pull pressure damping rod several times, at this time there should be a stable resistance, pull up the resistance should be greater than the resistance to the downward pressure, such as unstable resistance or no resistance, may be a lack of oil or valve parts damage inside the shock absorber, should be repaired or replacement parts.


3. Troubleshooting of Car Shock Absorber

After determining that the shock absorber has problems or failure, you should first check whether the shock absorber is leaking oil or has signs of stale oil leakage.
The oil seal gasket and sealing gasket are broken and damaged, and the storage cylinder cover nut is loose. It is possible that the oil seal and sealing gasket are damaged and failed, and should be replaced with new seals. If still can not eliminate the oil leakage, should pull out the shock absorber, if the sense
A model of shock absorber

If you feel that there is a card or light weight, further check whether the clearance between the piston and cylinder barrel is too large, whether the shock absorber piston rod is bent, whether the surface of the piston rod and cylinder barrel is scratched or strained.
If the shock absorber does not have the phenomenon of oil leakage, it should check whether the shock absorber connecting pin, connecting rod, connecting hole, rubber bushing, etc.

are damaged, desoldered, broken or fallen off. If the above check is normal, the shock absorber should be further decomposed, check whether the clearance between the piston and cylinder is too large, whether the cylinder is strained, whether the valve seal is good, whether the valve flap and valve seat fit tightly, and whether the extension spring of the shock absorber is too soft or broken, according to the situation to take the repair of grinding or replacement parts to repair.

In addition, the shock absorber in the actual use of the sound of failure, which is mainly due to the shock absorber and steel plate spring, frame or shaft collision, rubber pad damage or fall off, as well as the shock absorber dust cylinder deformation, insufficient oil and other reasons, should identify the causes, to be repaired.

After the shock absorber is inspected and repaired, the working performance test should be conducted on the special test bench.

When the resistance frequency is 100±1mm, the resistance of the extension stroke and compression stroke should be in accordance with the regulations.

4. Conclusion

If there is no test condition, we can also adopt an empirical practice, that is, use an iron bar to penetrate into the lower ring of the shock absorber, and use both feet to Step on both ends, hold the upper ring with both hands and pull it back and forth 2~4 times, when the resistance is great when pulling upward, do not feel the effort when pressing downward, and the resistance of stretching is restored compared with that before repair, no sense of air range, it shows that the shock absorber is basically normal .