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Looking for the Brake shoes in Europe?  You can simply find them from the local manufacturers and distributors.

We have done our due diligence and listed for you 10 reliable Brake shoes manufacturers and suppliers in Europe. Next time you need to buy the Brake shoes , simply contact them and  they will sort you out.

Here is a list of the 10 Brake shoes manufacturers and suppliers in Europe.

1. SBS Automotive A/S

Address: Juelstrupparken 15, 9530 Støvring, Denmark


Plus code:VRM7+J5 Støvring, Denmark


  • Brake Hardware
  • Brake Hydraulics
  • Brake Pads & Shoes

For decades, NK has been a well-known and respected trademark for brakes, steering, clutch and other automotive wear and tear parts all over Europe. The essence of the brand is expressed in the pay-off THE RELIABLE PART.

With origin in Scandinavia, NK was introduced in Germany 25 years ago and afterwards spread to other markets as a consequence of our company’s growth. Today NK products are sold all over the European continent as well as in Russia and its neighbor countries.

The owner of the NK brand, the SBS Group comprises two divisions:

SBS Automotive A/S

With operations in Germany, France, Denmark, Poland and Russia this division focuses on sourcing, inventory management, completion, distribution and sales of a wide range of automotive spare parts within brakes, steering, transmission, clutches and electrical motor parts.


2. Alvadi Autoosad

Address: Majaka 10, 11412 Tallinn, Estonia

Tel: +3725250146

Plus code: CQHQ+HH Tallinn, Estonia


  • Brake Pads,
  • Brake Calipers
  • Service Kits


3. Motonet

Address: Putkitie 3, 00880 Helsinki, Finland

Tel: +3583062120

Plus code: 6364+48 Helsinki, Finland

Products: brake pads

Brake drums

Brake shoe

At Motonet you will find car spare parts for more than 700 vehicle models. In addition to car spare parts, you get everything you need for motoring, motorcycling, cycling, fishing and boating. We also offer a comprehensive range of tools and building materials.

Finding and ordering products from the online store is quick and easy. On the product card, you can see the availability of products, the shelf space in department stores and the online store.

You can start exploring the site from the section menu at the top of the page, or you can select the desired product group from the left side of the page.


4. Radius Components Ltd

Address: 2 Besser Dr, Ballymanaggin, Dublin, Ireland


Plus code: 8JJ5+H6 Dublin, Ireland


Brake Drums

Brake Discs

Radius Components Limited was formed on the 1st of March 2013. Although we are a relatively new business we are built from over 40 years of collective experience within the “commercial vehicle aftermarket parts sector” of the automotive industry. Our aim is to be a progressive company which is dedicated to its customers requirements.


5. Inter Cars Latvija

Address: Bieķensalas iela 4, Zemgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1004, Latvia


Plus code:W4H3+H4 Riga, Latvia


Brake pad kit

brake sensor


The activity of Inter Cars SA dates back to 1990, when the company was founded by Krzysztof Oleksowicz, Piotr Oleksowicz and Andrzej Oliszewski. The company’s first office was 300 m2 and was located in Warsaw. In 2000, the company moved its headquarters to a modern logistics center occupying 17,000 m2. Currently, Inter Cars SA is the largest company engaged in the distribution of passenger and truck spare parts throughout the Middle East European region.


6. Inter Cars Lithuania L31

Address: Palangos pl. 2, Sudmantai 96327, Lithuania


Plus code:P634+65 Sudmantai, Lithuania

Products: Brake Pad

Brake sensor

Disc sensor

Inter Cars, established in December 1990

The first Inter Cars branch to sell Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Opel engine parts was also opened.

This branch was located in Warsaw and covered an area of ​​only 300 square meters. Meanwhile, the second branch in Warsaw, opened in 1992, covered an area of ​​800 square meters.


7. Biltema

Address:Garnisonsgatan 26, 254 66 Helsingborg, Sweden


Plus code: 3PHM+CR Helsingborg, Sweden

Products: Brake pad

Brake Drums & Shoes

8. Brakes International

Address: 12 Moore St, Rochdale OL16 1QN, United Kingdom


Plus code: JR7V+MQ Rochdale, United Kingdom

Products: Brake pads

Brake Drums & Shoes

Established in 1990, Brakes International specialise in braking components. We supply a truly comprehensive range of quality braking components at discounted prices. Situated in the heart of Rochdale, we distribute throughout the United Kingdom and Europe from our warehouse.

We have a team of over 30 dedicated staff, with comprehensive training facilities, a data/technical department and an in-house graphic/web design studio.

Sourcing products directly from original equipment manufacturers and top quality aftermarket producers has allowed Brakes International to provide our customers with high-quality components at unbeatable prices.

Brakes International offers the largest range of brake parts in Europe for cars and light commercial vehicles. As a key supplier to the automotive trade we offer an unrivalled level of technical expertise and service, which benefits from constant updating and improvement.

9. Autoshop Repolusk GmmH

Address:A-8472, Gewerbestrasse 1, 8435 Obervogau, Austria

Tel: +43345320500

Plus code: QH3R+F4 Obervogau, Austria

Products:  brake sensor

Brake pads


10. Centr’Auto

Address: Rue de Couillet 209/A, 6200 Châtelet, Belgium


Plus code: CG24+8R Châtelet, Belgium

Products: Brake pad

Centr’auto, your store specializing in the sale of auto parts in Charleroi for garage also offers many body parts. Whether it is rear-view mirrors, rear-view mirrors, fenders, hood, bumpers, grille, headlights, interior parts, you will find at Centr Auto all the body parts that your garage needs to offer them to your customers. clients.Thanks to our express delivery and twice a day, order and quickly collect all your body parts for many models of vehicles of all brands.

We are able to respond to all your requests thanks to our large catalog of high quality body parts from all brands.

Our experts are at your disposal for any questions or requests for additional information about your body parts.


Address: b.p. 95, 132 Avenue Pierre Mendès France, 02000 Laon, France


Plus code:HJJV+6Q Laon, France


  • Brake Hardware
  • Brake Hydraulics
  • Brake Pads & Shoes



12. WM SE – WM Fahrzeugteile

Address: Rhinstraße 58, 12681 Berlin, Germany

Tel: +493033099022850

Plus code:GG9C+M6 Berlin, Germany


  • Brake Pads,
  • Brake Calipers
  • Service Kits



13. APL – Autoparts Sàrl

Address: 70 Rue de Cessange, 1320 Luxembourg

Tel: +3524818111

Plus code: H4W6+35 Luxembourg

Products: brake pads

Brake drums

Brake shoe



14. Brakes-Shop.com

Address: Archimedesstraat 7, 3846 CT Harderwijk, Netherlands


Plus code: 9M52+PM Harderwijk, Netherlands


Brake Drums

Brake Discs

Brakes-Shop is the leading online retailer of performance brake parts with the biggest StopTech warehouse in Europe. Next to STOPTECH we stock brake components from several high-end brands in the industry, such as HAWK PERFORMANCE, GIRODISC, CENTRIC PARTS and others.

We offer the best customer service. All brake enquiries are handled by our experienced sales team which is supported by a team of engineers.

Due to these facts Brakes-Shop has become one of largest online retailer in high quality performance brake components in Europe.


15. Интер Карс България ЕООД Inter Cars Bulgaria

Address:ul. “Usta Kolyu Ficheto” 17, 9003 Zapad, Varna, Bulgaria


Plus code:6V9G+33 Varna, Bulgaria


Brake pad kit

brake sensor


Inter Cars is among the European leaders in the import and distribution of parts for cars and trucks, motorcycles, tuning parts, tires, accessories, professional tools and service equipment. The company’s product portfolio is the widest in the country. It fully covers all market segments related to car maintenance and repair, offering over 2,000 brands and over 2 million unique items at all price levels.

Inter Cars Bulgaria EOOD is the only choice for a business partner for your service or store when you want:

• Take advantage of the fastest and most flexible logistics service. We make regular deliveries from our local and international warehouses.

• Extensive portfolio of truck parts, which includes agricultural machinery, road construction machinery and industry.

• The richest portfolio in the segment of service equipment and provided after-sales service.

• The richest portfolio in the motorcycle segment – parts, accessories, equipment and tires.

• The widest range of lubricants and service chemicals.


16. FTE automotive Czechia Ltd.

Address:Hlubany 124, 441 01 Podbořany, Czechia


Plus code:696P+VJ Podbořany, Czechia

Products: Brake Pad

Brake sensor

Disc sensor


In 1923, Eugène Buisson, the French representative for Ferodo brake linings, opened workshops in Saint-Ouen to manufacture, under license, his own friction materials. This was the birth of Société Anonyme Française de Ferodo (SAFF).

In 1932, the company expanded its activities to include the production of clutches, and SAFF was listed on the Paris stock exchange. On the eve of World War II, the company held almost all the patents relating to clutches.

During the war, at the Battle of Falaise in 1944, its Normandy factories were partially destroyed, and during the Liberation of Paris, the Saint-Ouen workshops (brake linings and clutches) were badly damaged. In the 1950s, the company modernized and expanded outside the Paris region, building new factories, notably in Normandy (friction materials) and Amiens (clutches).


17. UNIX Balassagyarmat

Address:Balassagyarmat, Kóvári út 4/A, 2660 Hungary


Plus code: 37GP+34 Balassagyarmat, Hungary

Products: Brake pad

Brake Drums & Shoes

18. ECB Poland Sp. o.o.

Address:Michała Ossowskiego 5, 30-656 Kraków, Poland


Plus code: 2X86+VM Kraków, Poland

Products: Brake pads

Brake Drums & Shoes


EBC produces high-quality automotive brake parts , including brake pads and sports brake discs, for a variety of applications. If we expect above-average performance from our pads, the EBC brand is a great choice. All offered products are characterized by higher efficiency than standard substitutes offered by the competition. For everyday use, the ULTIMAX2 series of pads are dedicated , the quality of which is at the level of the original brake pads. Green brake pads from the GREENSTUFF series will work for vehicles with a power output of up to 200 HPwhich has a high initial braking force and produces less dust. The ideal blocks for heavier vehicles and those with four-wheel drive such as: BMW M3, M5, Audi A4, A6, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Evo will be a series of red REDSTUFF blocks made of aramid fibers. They guarantee good braking both with cold and hot brakes. For a dynamic driving style, we recommend yellow brake pads from the YELLOWSTUFF series , which are perfect for fast highway driving or on the racetrack. High braking performance at all temperatures and durability are the main advantages of the YELLOWSTUFF pads. For rally applications, we offer blue BLUESTUFF blocksand orange ORANGESTUFF , which need to be warmed up beforehand so that they can start braking effectively. They achieve a very decent coefficient of friction even when the discs become red hot.

19. Gut Motors Truck

Address:Tăuții de Sus, Romania

Tel: +40748384911

Plus code:MJ5R+46 Tăuții de Sus, Romania

Products:  brake sensor

Brake pads


We are a company with private capital on the Romanian territory founded in 2012.
With a young, dynamic team, with a lot of knowledge in the field of car parts (engine components) we excelled at the level we wanted when setting up our company.

For the past / present and future we are focused on  ”  We only promote quality in Romania!” Gut Motors Truck. Srl Importer and National Distributor of car engine parts SM Germany , for motor vehicles, domestic and import.



20. Inter Cars Slovak Republic Ltd.

Address:Južná trieda 1598/82, 040 17 Košice, Slovakia


Plus code: M7P8+WX Košice, Slovakia

Products: Brake pad


Inter Cars is one of the largest suppliers of automotive spare parts in Central and Eastern Europe. We have an extensive range of products. In addition to the main areas of import and distribution of car parts for cars, commercial vehicles and trucks, we offer equipment and equipment for car repair shops, parts for motorcycles, agricultural machinery, special products for tuning, car accessories and car accessories. We offer goods from approximately 500 renowned brands and manufacturers who care about the quality and efficiency of each product.


21. GlobalCars

Address:Vulytsya Leva Halytsʹkoho, 1з, Staryi Sambir, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine, 82000


Plus code:C2V3+42 Staryi Sambir, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine


  • Brake Hardware
  • Brake Hydraulics
  • Brake Pads & Shoes



Address: Komuna e Parisit Tirane AL, 1001, Albania

Tel: +355697085500

Plus code: 8R72+GQ Tirana, Albania


  • Brake Pads,
  • Brake Calipers
  • Service Kits

The company Auto Ademi JSC was founded in 2018 by Mr. Shpetim Ademi, Mr. Festim Ademi, Mr. Gezim Ademi also provided professional support to the two engineers Elvis Hidersha and Abaz Hoxha. Auto Ademi Sh.a is a company which operates in the market of car spare parts with a chain of stores in the city of Tirana.

The aim of this company is to expand its activity throughout Albania and to be a leader in the field of car spare parts. Auto Ademi has started cooperation with some of the most famous companies in Europe: Lemforder, Textar, BOSCH, Starline, Sachs, Ina, Luk, SKF, Continental, Man, Mahle, Brembo, etc.


23. Inter Cars

Address: Kovinska ul. 9b, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Tel: +38513492245

Plus code: RR4V+XR Zagreb, Croatia

Products: brake pads

Brake drums

Brake shoe


Since 2005, Inter Cars doo has been the Croatian subsidiary of one of the largest European distributors of spare parts, tires, batteries and other equipment for cars, trucks and motorcycles. We also offer tools and equipment for service workshops and parts for motorcycles. The parent company started operating in 1990 in Poland.


24. Kapodistrias Automotive Parts

Address: Kantaras 54, Nicosia 1037, Cyprus


Plus code: 59MQ+MJ Nicosia, Cyprus


Brake Drums

Brake Discs

Our Company

CHR. KAPODISTRIAS & SONS LTD is the largest automotive parts company in the Republic of CYPRUS. The company is an importer and distributor of new spare parts, tyres, lubricants, tools and garage equipment, operating mainly as a retailer. The company offers the most extensive range of parts and components for European and Japanese vehicles. Parts for engine, suspension, steering, electric system, drivetrain, body, and much more are available. CHR. KAPODISTRIAS & SONS LTD is also the first choice in the Cypriot market for truck parts as well.

Founded in 1969 by the late Christophoros Kapodistrias, CHR. KAPODISTRIAS & SONS LTD is the country’s market leader with 7 stores in Cyprus. The central headquarters are located in the capital Nicosia, at the same premises as the central store. Other outlets are located in Lakatamia, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, Paralimni and Alambra.



Address: Πειραιώς 71, Moschato 183 46, Greece


Plus code:XM5Q+R5 Moschato, Greece


Brake pad kit

brake sensor



26. Ricambi online roma

Address: Via Domenico Cucchiari, 00159 Roma RM, Italy


Plus code:VGXP+P3 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

Products: Brake Pad

Brake sensor

Disc sensor


27. Ati Supplies Ltd

Address:446, Cannon Road, St. Venera SVR 9031, Malta


Plus code: VFQF+P8 Santa Venera, Malta

Products: Brake pad

Brake Drums & Shoes

Automotive, Truck & Industrial Supplies Ltd has been formed as a company in January 2008 by the former operations of B. Camilleri Auto Parts, which was originally established in August 1968 by Mr B. Camilleri. Ever since its origins, the company has grown to become Malta’s leading importers, wholesalers and retailers of top quality parts for passenger and commercial vehicles as well as industrial supplies.

The A.T.I.  team is made up of 13 highly trained staff. The company though formed in 2008 still boasts 40 years experience in the field. During this time we have seen and experienced significant changes in the industry.
We have at heart the well-being of our staff, and are committed to utilising the latest training methods and equipment such that we deliver the best professional service our customers have come to expect.
Our emphasis is on delivering total customer satisfaction, through value adding products and services. We pride ourselves at not merely selling the right parts for the intended application but also assiting our customers with required technical advise.

28. Tpg Autoparts

Address: Victory St, Qormi, Malta


Plus code: VFHC+97 Qormi, Malta

Products: Brake pads

Brake Drums & Shoes


Formed in 1985, by Paul Pullicino, TPG Auto Parts has now become the fastest growing auto parts supplier on this Maltese Islands. Presently we boast a customer base of over 20000 individuals and in excess of 1000 companies that seek our assistance for their automobile replacement parts. This is due in part to our firm commitment to provide both the trained professional and the do-it-yourself with the best known quality products at the most competitive prices. Our customers are assisted by our experienced counter professionals, frequently retrained to accommodate evolving technologies in the automotive aftermarket.

To further this commitment, we have negotiated with European and other top automotive part manufacturers to offer their products, which meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications, and this is key to the ongoing success of TPG Autoparts.. This ensures the customer that they are getting the highest quality parts available. TPG Autoparts offers virtually every part needed for repair or maintenance, from your personal automobile to the fleet service of larger companies.


Whether you need a replacement part or merely a product to improve the vehicle’s performance or appearance, just contact TPG. We boast about out next day delivery facilty.


Address:Rua de Camões 823, 4000-149 Porto, Portugal


Plus code: 595Q+PX Porto, Portugal

Products:  brake sensor

Brake pads


30. Industrial Brakes

Address: Webnor Industrial Estate, Ettingshall Rd, Wolverhampton WV2 2LD, United Kingdom


Plus code:HV9W+FP Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Since 1983, we have been supplying high quality friction products to all types of industries in and around Europe. Only using top brands of non asbestos friction materials

Navigating the World of Brake Shoes: Manufacturers and Suppliers in Europe

Brake shoes might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your car, but trust us, they’re the unsung heroes of road safety.

In Europe, where winding roads meet bustling city streets, having reliable brake shoes is not just a convenience – it’s a necessity.

Let’s take a friendly and down-to-earth look at the world of brake shoe manufacturers and suppliers in Europe.

The Basics: What Exactly Are Brake Shoes?

Okay, imagine this: You’re riding a bike, and you press the brakes to slow down.

Now, replace that mental image with your car. Brake shoes are like the heavy-duty version of those bike brakes.

They sit inside your car’s drum brakes and, when you hit the brakes, these shoes press against the drum to bring your car to a smooth stop.

Why Brake Shoes Matter in Europe:

European roads, with their twists, turns, and varying weather conditions, put your brakes to the test every day.

Reliable brake shoes aren’t just about stopping your car – they’re about keeping you safe on those winding roads and busy city streets.

Manufacturers and Suppliers: The Players in the Brake Shoe Game:

  1. Brembo (Italy): Brembo is a big name in the world of braking systems. Based in Italy, they’ve been crafting high-performance brake components for over half a century. If you’re into motorsports, you might already know their name.
  2. Ferodo (United Kingdom): Hailing from the UK, Ferodo has a solid reputation for producing durable brake shoes. They’re part of the global Federal-Mogul Motorparts family and have been in the brake game for a long time.
  3. Textar (Germany): Germans are known for their precision, and Textar lives up to that reputation. Based in Germany, Textar manufactures brake pads and shoes, ensuring your brakes can handle Autobahn speeds and sudden stops alike.
  4. Apec Braking (United Kingdom): Apec Braking, based in the UK, focuses on providing quality braking components. They cover a range of vehicles, from small hatchbacks to larger commercial vehicles.
  5. TRW Automotive (Germany): TRW, part of the ZF Group, is a German giant in the automotive industry. They produce a variety of automotive components, including brake shoes known for their reliability.

What Sets European Brake Shoes Apart:

European brake shoes aren’t just pieces of metal and friction material – they’re crafted with a touch of precision and a dash of innovation.

Here’s what makes them stand out:

  • Quality Materials: European manufacturers often use top-notch materials, ensuring their brake shoes can handle the demands of European roads.
  • Rigorous Testing: Before those brake shoes hit the market, they go through rigorous testing. Think of it as quality assurance for your safety.
  • Performance in Diverse Conditions: From the icy roads of Scandinavia to the sun-soaked streets of Spain, European brake shoes are designed to perform in diverse weather conditions.
  • Innovation in Design: European manufacturers are always tweaking and improving their designs. It’s like they’re on a mission to make your brakes more efficient and your drives safer.

Choosing the Right Brake Shoes:

Choosing the right brake shoes can feel a bit like picking a pair of shoes for yourself – you want the ones that fit just right.

Here are some considerations:

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Not all brake shoes fit all cars. Make sure the ones you choose are a perfect match for your vehicle.
  • Driving Conditions: Do you mostly navigate city streets or tackle the open road? Different driving conditions might call for different types of brake shoes.
  • Brand Reputation: Brands matter. Go for a brand with a good reputation, and you’re likely to get reliable brake shoes.
  • Budget: We get it – budget matters. Luckily, there are reliable brake shoes in various price ranges. Find the balance that suits your wallet.

The Importance of Routine Checks:

Your brake shoes are like the unsung heroes that silently protect you on the road.

But even heroes need a check-up now and then.

Keep an eye out for these signs that your brake shoes might need attention:

  • Squeaking or Grinding Noises: Your brakes shouldn’t sound like a symphony of squeaks. If they do, it’s time for a check.
  • Reduced Braking Performance: If your car takes longer to stop or the pedal feels different, it’s a sign that something might be up with your brake shoes.
  • Visual Inspection: Take a peek at your brake shoes through the wheel spokes. If they look thin or worn, it’s time to consider a replacement.

The DIY Guide to Changing Brake Shoes:

Changing your brake shoes might sound like a job for the pros, but if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, here’s a simplified guide:

  1. Jack up your Car: Safety first! Lift your car and secure it with jack stands.
  2. Remove the Wheel: Say goodbye to that old wheel – it’s time to get to work.
  3. Access the Brake Assembly: Find the brake drum and remove it to access the brake shoes.
  4. Remove the Old Shoes: Usually held in place by springs or clips.
  5. Install the New Shoes: Slide the new brake shoes into place, making sure they’re secure.
  6. Put Everything Back: Reverse the steps, put your wheel back on, and you’re ready to hit the road with fresh brake shoes.

A Note on Budget-Friendly Options:

Quality brake shoes don’t have to break the bank.

There are reputable brands that offer reliable options at different price points.

Remember, it’s about finding the balance between quality and what your budget can handle.

Final Thoughts:

Brake shoes might not be the stars of the automotive show, but they’re the reliable sidekicks that keep you safe on the road.

So, here’s to the unsung heroes – the brake shoes that let you take on those European roads with confidence.

Drive safe, and may your brakes always be up to the task!