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Looking for the Brake pads in South Africa?  You can simply find them from the local manufacturers and distributors.

We have done our due diligence and listed for you 10 reliable Brake pads manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa.

Next time you need to buy the Brake pads , simply contact them and  they will sort you out.

Here is a list of the 10 Brake pads manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa.


1. Optima Brake Pads South Africa

Address: Ulitsa Aral’skaya 8, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Plus code: 3XPG+XQ Clairwood, Durban, South Africa


Brake pads and discs



2. Girlock Brakes South Africa

Address: 82 Electron Ave, Isando, Kempton Park, 1609, South Africa

Tel: +27119746655

Plus code:V697+PR Isando, Kempton Park, South Africa


brake pads

Brake shoe

GIRLOCK BRAKES is South Africa’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturer of Front and Rear Brake components and assemblies. We have supplied OEM, OES and the Aftermarket with the best quality locally manufactured parts since 1968.Our manufacturing abilities extend from raw steel and aluminium to finished assemblies uniquely positioning us as a truly South African Braking specialist, to provide you with the best quality at value-for-money pricing.


3.  Superior Friction Pty (Ltd) South Africa

Address: Unit 08, Metalheads, 8 Section St, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, 7480, South Africa

Tel: +27815885060

Plus code: 3FQC+73 Cape Town, South Africa


Brake Pad

Brake sensor

Disc sensor


One of our advantages to our competitors is the fact that we have experience in website building and don’t need to outsource our work.

My Dad Hans de Meillon with more than 30 years experience in the motor industry  based in Randburg Gauteng joined me in November 2016 and was appointed as the general manager.

We feel it’s very important to have an “about us” page so that new visitors can have at least an idea who they are dealing with. Whether you’re building your own website or are just browsing for information on a business, organization, or individual, the ‘About Us’ page is a vital part of every website and blog.


4. Xpress Brake South Africa



Brake Booster
Brake Drums
Disk Rotors
Brake Pads
Slack Adjusters


5. Brake Bonding & Clutch SA South Africa

Address: 73 Booysens Rd, Booysens, Johannesburg, 2091, South Africa


Plus code: Q29H+V5 Johannesburg, South Africa


Brake pad kit

brake sensor

In the highly competitive auto spares market of South Africa

one name stands out with a reputation for high quality competitively

priced products. Brake Bonding and Clutch SA (Pty) Ltd, (BBC) is an

established company, which has been operating for three decades

and has been engaged in the distribution of the following products:

Disc brake pads, brake shoes, clutch plates, cover assemblies,

bonding segments and clutch facings for all makes of cars and light

commercial vehicles.

BBC is a company that works closely with all stakeholders in its network

and places great emphasis on achieving the highest levels of excellence

in service to their customers. The products of BBC comply with and

exceeds the compulsory specifications for replacement parts as gazetted

by the Department of Trade and Industry and SABS.


6. Alfred Teves Brake Systems (Pty) Ltd South Africa

Address: All Black Rd &, Kent Rd, Anderbolt, Boksburg, 1459, South Africa


Plus code: Q7VH+G4 Boksburg, South Africa

Products: Brake Pad

Brake sensor

Brake drums

Brake shoe

ATE branded and manufactured products have been trusted by many international car manufacturers as uncompromising on safety, with many innovations and improvements introduced throughout decades. The benefit of all the years of experience is available in the comprehensive product range supplied into the Southern African Aftermarket sector by Alfred Teves Brake Systems (Pty) Ltd, to the same quality standards as those supplied to the Original Equipment sector.


7. Star Brake & Clutch Distributors South Africa

Address: Eastleigh, Edenvale, 1609, South Africa

Tel: +27114527290

Plus code: V5C3+WG Eastleigh, Edenvale, South Africa

Products: Brake pad

Brake Drums & Shoes

Stan Odendaal, Gauteng Head Office, is the owner. The General Manager –
Edenvale is his son Jarrid Odendaal.

Star Brake and Clutch is established since September 1989, and was originally based in Central Johannesburg.
Their head and branch office are the main operations, with sub-distributors countrywide.

Weve  have recently established a sister company Formula Friction Automotive in 2011 that offers a wide range of high-performance products for all makes of vehicles.

This includes sole angency for Africa on EBC brake products, D2 big brake upgrades and suspension kits,Clutch Masters performance cluthes stage 1 to 7 and Hel Hoses.

This company is run by Stans eldest son Brandon Odendaal.Stan Odendaal the owner has 32 years experience in the Friction industry, also in heavy and light duty clutch and brake applications.Gary Odendaal, Stans brother has 27 years experience. Stan’s passion is golf and cars.

8. Brake Centre South Africa

Address: 53A Pickering St, Newton Park, Gqeberha, 6055, South Africa


Plus code: 3H36+VW Gqeberha, South Africa

Products: Brake pads

Brake Drums & Shoes

Brake Centre is the trading name of Young Durandt CC, a closed corporation based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

CEO and Managing Director: Jean Durandt

Prior to 2006 the Brake Centre traded as Automotive Hydraulics.

The vision for Brake Centre is expansion into a franchise represented throughout South Africa.


9. Powerbrake South Africa

Address: N4 Gateway Industrial Park East, Old Bronkhorstspruit Road &, Solomon Mahlangu Dr, Pretoria East, Pretoria, 0184, South Africa

Tel: +27128030155

Plus code: 69V6+84 Pretoria, South Africa

Products: Brake pad


At Powerbrake we design and manufacture the very best brake upgrade kits on the market for 4×4 vehicles.

All manufacturing, quality control and assembly is done entirely in-house.

Our civilian X-Line 4×4 big brake kits feature direct technology transfer from our R-Line off-road race brake systems that have been used by works race teams to win multiple FIA Cross Country World Championships as well the infamous Dakar Rally, which is regarded by many to be the most grueling motorsport event on the planet.

10. Precision Performance Brakes South Africa

Address: Alwen Rd W, Ormonde, Johannesburg South, 2091, South Africa


Plus code: QX2W+RR Johannesburg South, South Africa

Products: Brake pad

brake sensor

Brake pads & brake

Our mission is to supply the community with High Quality European Brake pads & Discs at a much better deal than the agents.

Our Brake Pads & Discs boast the same quality as OEM, if not better!
All Brake Pads & Discs go through a heat treatment process in the manufacturing stages to ensure stopping power and quality!

Understanding Brake Pads in South Africa: A Down-to-Earth Guide

Brake pads might not be the coolest topic, but let’s face it – they’re the unsung heroes of your car’s safety.

In South Africa, where the roads can throw all sorts of surprises your way, having reliable brake pads is not just a good idea – it’s non-negotiable.

The Basics: What Are Brake Pads, Anyway?

Brake pads are like the bodyguards of your car’s braking system.

They sit snugly inside the brake caliper and, when you hit the brakes, these pads squeeze against the brake discs, slowing down your wheels.

It’s this friction that turns your speeding car into a calm, controlled stop.

Why Brake Pads Matter in South Africa:

Our roads, with potholes that could swallow a small elephant and unpredictable drivers who make sudden stops, put your brakes to the test daily.

That’s why having dependable brake pads is not just about stopping your car – it’s about preventing accidents and keeping you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road safe.

Types of Brake Pads:

  1. Semi-Metallic: These are the workhorses. Made from a mix of metal and other materials, they offer reliable stopping power and durability. Good for regular driving and stop-and-go traffic.
  2. Ceramic: If you’re into smooth, quiet stops, ceramic brake pads might be your jam. They produce less noise, create less dust, and are great for everyday driving.
  3. Organic: For the eco-conscious, organic brake pads are made from natural materials. They’re gentle on your brake discs and tend to be quieter, but they might wear out a bit faster.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Brake Pads:

  1. Driving Habits: Are you a city slicker stuck in traffic, or do you love hitting the open road? Different driving conditions call for different types of brake pads.
  2. Budget: Let’s be real – we all have budgets. Thankfully, there are good brake pads that won’t break the bank. Just find the balance between quality and what your wallet can handle.
  3. Vehicle Type: The brake pads you need depend on what you drive. A compact car, a bakkie, or an SUV – each has its own brake pad needs. Make sure you get the right fit.
  4. Brake Rotor Compatibility: Your brake pads and brake rotors are like dance partners – they need to be in sync. Make sure the pads you choose are a good match for your rotors.

Brake Pads and South African Driving Conditions:

  1. Traffic Jams: Ah, the joys of bumper-to-bumper traffic. If your daily commute involves more waiting than moving, consider brake pads that can handle frequent stops without wearing out too quickly.
  2. Mountain Roads: If you’re the type to escape to the mountains every chance you get, you’ll want brake pads that can handle the twists, turns, and occasional steep descents.
  3. Dust and Grime: Our roads can get dusty – there’s no denying that. Some brake pads produce less dust than others, which can be a game-changer for keeping your wheels looking clean.
  4. Rainy Days: When the rain comes down in buckets, you need brake pads that still perform well in wet conditions. Look for pads with good wet stopping power.

When to Replace Your Brake Pads:

Brake pads aren’t immortal. They wear down over time, and knowing when to replace them can save you from a brake-related headache.

Here are some signs it’s time for new pads:

  • Squeaking or squealing: If your brakes start making noise, it’s not a musical performance. It’s a cry for help.
  • Reduced stopping power: If your car takes longer to stop or the pedal feels squishy, it’s time for a brake check.
  • Vibrations: Unusual vibrations when you brake could mean your brake pads are on their last legs.
  • Thin brake pads: Take a peek through your wheel spokes – if the pads look thin, it’s time for a swap.

The Nitty-Gritty of Brake Pad Replacement:

Changing your brake pads might sound like rocket science, but it’s doable.

If you’re feeling up for the challenge, here’s a simplified how-to:

  1. Jack up your car: Safety first! Lift your car and secure it on jack stands.
  2. Remove the wheels: Say goodbye to those old wheels for a moment.
  3. Locate the caliper: It’s the clamp-like thing gripping your brake rotor.
  4. Remove the old brake pads: Usually held in place by clips or bolts.
  5. Install the new pads: Slide them into the caliper, securing them in place.
  6. Put everything back: Reverse the steps, put your wheels back on, and you’re good to go.

Brake Pads and Your Wallet:

We get it – car maintenance can feel like a constant drain on your wallet.

But think of it this way: reliable brake pads are like insurance for your safety.

By investing in quality pads, you’re investing in the well-being of everyone on the road.

Final Thoughts: Brake pads might not be the glamourous stars of the automotive world, but they’re the silent protectors that keep you safe.

So, next time you hit the brakes and come to a smooth stop, give a little nod to those trusty brake pads – they’re the reason you’re in control.

Drive safe, South Africa!