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Looking for the Brake pads in Serbia?  You can simply find them from the local manufacturers and distributors.

We have done our due diligence and listed for you 10 reliable Brake pads manufacturers and suppliers in Serbia. Next time you need to buy the Brake pads , simply contact them and  they will sort you out.

Here is a list of the 10 Brake pads manufacturers and suppliers in Serbia.


1. Fritech Serbia

Address: Partizanska bb, Prokuplje 18400, Serbia


Plus code: 6HHQ+H9 Prokuplje, Serbia


Brake pads

Brake Drums & Shoes

FRITECH d.o.o. a private family company founded in 2002.The company was founded by experienced engineers,BorivojePaunović technology engineer and VladislavRadosavljevićmechanicalengineer that work on friction tehnology more than 30 years.Long experience of highly qualified professional staff, ensures the development and winning of new technologies on the basis of non-asbestos and composite materials in combination with modern manufacturing process and appropriate software that controls the three main parameters pressure,temperature and time supplies the market with high quality and very reliable product.

Using new organic materials and fibers, in cooperation with a reputable German own laboratory obtained in frikcioni quality materials this reliable, efficient and smooth braking with a bit of wear in all operating conditions.

As a modern company,FRITECHd.o.o. your success is based on a high level quality of our products, which fully compliant with the requirements of the users and the requirements of current legislation and regulations, as well as on partnerships, both with clients and with suppliers but also with other interested parties.This organization is the product of a continuous process of conquering, training and direct application of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015. Some of the elements are implemented through technical standards ISO/TS 16949



Address: Gavrila Principa 12, Beograd, Serbia

Tel: +381112629933

Plus code: RF73+9Q Belgrade, Serbia


Brake pad

Brake sensor

Brake pads & brake



3. BanSek trade doo Serbia

Address: Ristin Potok 2V, Beograd 11050, Serbia

Tel: +381113471721

Plus code: QG89+6W Belgrade, Serbia


Brake pad

Brake Drums & Shoes

Since its founding in 1993, our company has been supplying the Serbian market with the highest quality spare parts for motor vehicles. We are representatives of the world’s leading manufacturers, leaders in innovation, whose patents are still irreplaceable in the production and construction of vehicles.

Over twenty years on the market are your guarantee that you are in the right place, our team of experienced salespeople at all times, even after business hours, Saturdays and Sundays, opens the door for you – our loyal customers and allows you to issue the necessary spare parts because WE KEEP YOUR JOB ON THE MOVE!

Use our web shop and check the condition and price of all available items when it suits you from 00-24 and in case of emergency, arrange to pick up the necessary items at any time of the day or night.

Show us your trust and become one of our many satisfied clients because WE EXIST TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS!


4. KIT Commerce Serbia

Address: Ž, Borska 45, Beograd, Serbia


Plus code: QF56+22 Belgrade, Serbia


Brake Booster
Brake Drums
Disk Rotors
Brake Pads
Slack Adjusters



5. SLAJER d.o.o. Serbia

Address: tefana Stefanovića 3А, Novi Sad, Serbia


Plus code: 7R4R+82 Novi Sad, Serbia


Brake pad kit

brake sensor

Slajer doo was founded in 2008 with the idea of ​​offering the market of Vojvodina and Serbia the ultimate quality of brake consumables.
The cooperation started with PAGID GmbH, and in 2011 an exclusive contract was signed with GALFER SL from Spain, which shares the same business philosophy in terms of quality.

6. Auto delovi Serbia

Address: Lomina 5, Beograd, Serbia

Tel: +381113618977

Plus code: RF74+3V Belgrade, Serbia

Products: Brake Pad

Brake sensor

Brake drums

Brake shoe

We strive to provide the best products for you, our customers.

BG Delovi is a team with 17 years of experience, available for all assistance and further assistance.

We are known for low prices, service you can rely on and fast delivery throughout Serbia within 24 hours.

We offer only the best of world brands, high standard spare parts.


7. LAV AUTO Serbia

Address: Jablanička 1, Beograd 11030, Serbia

Tel: +381112390009

Plus code: PCX6+JW Belgrade, Serbia

Products: Brake pads and discs

In 1989, a family company called GORDON AUTO SPORT was founded, with the intention of offering our market a wide selection of quality auto parts. The company expanded its business by opening another point of sale in 1992 called LAV AUTO.

The logical step was to open a car service and a shop in one facility and thus complete the entire service, which contributed to a shorter retention of vehicles in the service during the intervention. Initially, the range was based on the sale of parts for Zastava (Yugo), Lada and Volkswagen vehicles, later the range was expanded to parts for all vehicles from the segment of replacement parts in the regular service interval.

The business policy is based on a constant supply of high quality auto parts. This goal has been successfully achieved through long-term placement of parts from the world’s most famous manufacturers, knowing that absolute customer trust can only be gained by guaranteed product quality, which has been in the first installation of a large number of world car manufacturers for decades.

8. Beo Car Serbia

Address: Zemunska 10, Gandijeva 44, Omladinskih brigada 7b, Beograd, Novi Beograd 11070, Serbia

Tel: +381112281444

Plus code: R96P+G9 Belgrade, Serbia


Brake shoe

Brake pad

Brake sensor

BEO-CAR DOO has been present on this market since 1994. Our activity is the sale of auto parts, car tires, batteries and car equipment from the passenger and commercial program, as well as their installation and servicing of vehicles in our car center. So, with us, you can do almost everything your car needs. All these years we are recognizable by professional and helpful staff, a wide range of goods we offer and modern service facilities, all with the aim to quickly and efficiently respond to the requirements and needs of modern drivers. Right at the beginning, it became clear to us that for long-term business, the customer is satisfied in the first place, and only in the second place, profit. Therefore, our business policy is: “Take care of your customers, and the business will take care of itself.” If we look back and see that we have existed for more than 25 years, we can say that we are on the right path.

9. Auto Delovi Safety No2 Serbia

Address: kej Skopskih Žrtava 18, Novi Pazar, Serbia

Tel: +381646427077

Plus code: 4GH7+F8 Novi Pazar, Serbia

Products: Brake pad

Brake sensor

Our company was founded on April 18, 2001. year under the name page “Volkswagen”. As a result of successful business and at the same time with the first phases of import, in 2003, we opened a new branch, ie store no. 2 and change the name to “Safety” Ltd. with the aim of doing business under its own brand. After many years of work on the market of auto parts and equipment, today we operate through wholesale and 5 retail facilities, three of which are located in the municipality of Novi Pazar, the fourth in the municipality of Tutin and the fifth in the municipality of Sjenica. Auto parts stores “Safety” Ltd. are recognizable by the quality of products, a wide range and fast service. We offer original spare parts from renowned world manufacturers for all European vehicles present in our area. What we are recognizable for are the auto parts of the Febi brand, whose regional distributors we are, as well as the batteries of the most famous Turkish brand “MUTLU”. The team of the company “Safety” Ltd. strives to be a step ahead of everyone in the provision of services every day, as well as to anticipate all the potential needs of the market to the satisfaction of its loyal customers.


10. Pro car auto delovi i oprema Serbia

Address: Južni bulevar 144, Beograd 11000, Serbia


Plus code: QFVP+3M Belgrade, Serbia


Brake Pad

Brake sensor

Disc sensor

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