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Looking for the Brake pads in Russia?  You can simply find them from the local manufacturers and distributors.

We have done our due diligence and listed for you 10 reliable Brake pads manufacturers and suppliers in Russia. Next time you need to buy the Brake pads , simply contact them and  they will sort you out.

Here is a list of the 10 Brake pads manufacturers and suppliers in Russia.


1. SBS Russia

Address: prospekti Vernadskogo, 39, 708 офис, 7 этаж, Moscow, Russia, 119415


Plus code: MGG4+76 Prospekt Vernadskoho District, Moscow, Russia


Brake Pad

Brake sensor

Disc sensor

candinavian Brake Systems A/S develops, produces and distributes brake parts and related wear parts for cars, motorcycles, wind turbines and other industrial applications.

Our market place is global with main focus on the European and North American markets. Our products are supplied to the free aftermarket as well as the OE/OES markets.

SBS was founded in 1964 and the SBS Group today comprises headquarters, production and logistics facilities in Denmark, distribution centers in Germany and France, stock facilities in the UK and a sales office in Russia.

Furthermore SBS is the sole owner of Notox A/S, which develops and produces diesel particulate filters for on- and off-road vehicles.


2. Li-Art Avto Russia

Address: Shcholkovskoye Shosse, 97, Moscow, Russia, 107589

Tel: +74959959019

Plus code: RR7M+VH Golyanovo District, Moscow, Russia


brake pads

Brake shoe

We are developing a strategy of long-term partnership with suppliers and customers, and we are updating our assortment in accordance with the development of the vehicle fleet in Russia.

The main principles of Li-Art Auto business relations with its wholesale customers are the formation of an individual client proposal, marketing, sales, assortment, pricing policy and the establishment of long-term relationships.


3. TRW Aftermarket Russia

Address: БЦ “Остоженка 10”, ул. Остоженка, 10, Moscow, Russia, 119034

Tel: +74956413172

Plus code: PHVX+3X Khamovniki District, Moscow, Russia


Brake pads and discs

For more than 100 years, TRW have created benchmarks for quality, brought innovation to the market and forged a reputation for safety and durability.

By balancing the wisdom of experience with pioneering spirit, innate understanding with cutting edge exploration, we are now able to offer an extraordinary range of products and services that’s globally recognised.

The landmarks in our long history are many. In 1908 we made the first wooden wheels for the legendary Ford Model T, while twenty years later we created parking brakes for the company. By 1939 we were engineering standard equipment hydraulic brake systems and in 1952 TRW designed integral power steering for the Chrysler New Yorker.

Through the 60s and 70s TRW generated a vast array of advanced safety focused products including an electronically controlled Anti-lock Braking System [ABS] and power rack and pinion steering. The 80s and 90s saw cutting edge creations such as the remote keyless entry system and four-wheel ABS for GM.


4. Markon Russia

Address: Zelentsovskaya Ulitsa, 17, Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia, 150002


Plus code: JR5V+4M Yaroslavl, Russia


Brake Booster
Brake Drums
Disk Rotors
Brake Pads
Slack Adjusters


In the late 1980s, in the wake of perestroika, goods from the West, including used foreign cars, poured into Russia. Used cars, of course, required maintenance and repair, and the market for spare parts for foreign cars had not yet developed.

To meet the acute market demand for brake pads in 1991 in Yaroslavl, the MarCon company was founded as the first plant in Russia with a small-scale production of a wide range of disc pads.

The engineering department of the plant independently developed the tooling. The workshop was equipped with what and how they could. The concrete mixer has become a mixer. A bakery oven bought for the occasion was converted into a vulcanization chamber. The molding presses were purchased two at a time, one for parts.

In 1994, the first serial batch of FRA-001 brake pads for TOYOTA Corolla was manufactured on the premises rented from the Yaroslavl Regional Transformer Substation (former Agricultural Machinery).


5. Завод АТИ Russia

Address: Tsvetochnaya Ulitsa, 16, St Petersburg, Russia, 196006


Plus code: V8PH+WX Moskovsky District, St Petersburg, Russia


Brake pad kit

brake sensor

Once on the territory of JSC “Plant ATI”, you can wander for a long time among the multi-storey buildings and squat buildings, you can even get lost in the labyrinth of passages and driveways, long streets and narrow back streets. And all this together – old and young – JSC “Plant ATI”.

In 1911, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Russian-American Rubber Manufactory Partnership, a jubilee album was released. There it was reported that the area of ​​all factory buildings of the Plant is 50195 fathoms (one fathom – 2.1 meters). Two years later, an asbestos plant was founded on the basis of the Partnership.
The most modern technologies were used, the owners and engineers of the enterprise were proud of the equipment, foreign guests often came to the Plant to exchange experience. Since the day of its foundation, the striving to follow the latest science and technology has become a kind of visiting card of the ATI Plant.


6. Ad Russia

Address: корп. 12, Elektrodnaya Ulitsa, 2, Moscow, Russia, 111141

Tel: +74955428097

Plus code: QP4X+RM Perovo District, Moscow, Russia

Products: Brake Pad

Brake sensor

Brake drums

Brake shoe

AD Russia is a Russian group of distributors of automotive components, spare parts, engine oils, technical fluids and lubricants, which is part of the largest European organization of auto parts distributors – AutoDistribution International .

The Autodistribution Russia (AD Russia) group has been active in the Russian market since 2003, and today it is one of the leading distribution groups that supplies wholesale auto parts for foreign cars (foreign cars): European, Korean and Japanese cars and trucks.

The activities of the group are mainly aimed at maximum satisfaction of the interests and needs of clients. To date, the AD Russia group has managed to concentrate significant logistics, warehouse, information and technical resources, which allow the timely delivery of all parts necessary for high-quality maintenance and repair of a car to any auto shop or service center in Russia .

The AD Russia Group includes eight independent companies that are ready to promptly supply their customers with over
200,000 items of automotive spare parts , the quality of which is fully consistent with the original products supplied to the assembly lines of world auto giants, car manufacturers: BMW, Ford, GM, Renault, Toyota , VW , etc.


7. Avtodik, Sklad-Magazin Russia

Address: Ulitsa Polzunova, 1к2, Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia, 630051

Tel: +78007077675

Plus code: 3X6J+7J Novosibirsk, Russia

Products: Brake pad

Brake Drums & Shoes

AvtoDiK LLC is a supplier of auto parts from Japan and Korea to Novosibirsk.

The basis of the assortment of our store is made up of contract spare parts for cars and trucks of Japanese, Korean, European and American production.

Customers can purchase contract engines, automatic and manual transmissions, attachments for
engines, body elements, optics, chassis and new consumables in our store .

8. Emex Russia

Address: Ulitsa Dusi Koval’chuk, д. 238, Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia, 630082

Tel: +73832994022

Plus code: 3V3X+75 Novosibirsk, Russia


Brake pad

brake sensor

Brake pads & brake

At Emex, buyers receive suitable spare parts on time and at competitive prices. And large suppliers, small shops and service stations find their customers. We make purchases and sales profitable and reliable. We control the quality, guarantee payment and returns in accordance with the law.

9. CITYCAR, (СИТИКАР) все для Nissan Infiniti Renault Datsun. Запчасти в наличии Russia

Address: улица Донбасская, 1, С13 бутик, 2 этаж, автомолл Белая Башня, Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, 620039

Tel: +73432870660

Plus code: VHVC+4F Yekaterinburg, Russia

Products: Brake pad

Brake sensor

The desire of every car enthusiast to purchase the best and cheapest spare parts is a logical decision. You have to choose between the original and the duplicates. Most are leaning towards the latter option.

Spare parts Nissan, Infiniti, Renault, Datsun are available in Yekaterinburg, at reasonable prices with delivery. Over 9 years of experience.

You can buy Nissan spare parts in Yekaterinburg in CITYCAR car dealerships at quite reasonable prices. All products have quality certificates.

Specialist store employees understand the needs of their customers and make every effort to make the purchase as profitable for the client as possible.

A guarantee is issued for the products. For analogs up to 6 months, and for original spare parts up to 12 months.
Our own car service will install the purchased parts professionally and efficiently.
You can pay for the goods after receiving and checking it.
Free delivery in Yekaterinburg for purchases from 3000 rubles.
A huge number of auto parts for Nissan, INFINITI, RENAULT and Datsun are in stock.
Minimum and guaranteed delivery times when ordering auto parts.
We have our own online store with a convenient and modern service for ordering auto parts.
We also have our own warehouse of used auto parts.


10. Zapchasti Vaz Russia

Address: Ulitsa Mayakovskogo, 11, склад 9, Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russia, 426028


Plus code: R6H2+84 Izhevsk, Russia


Brake pads

Brake Drums & Shoes