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Brake Pads Manufacturers and Suppliers in Netherlands

Are you in Netherlands? Where do you buy your brake pads? If you are not sure, we have the answer. This list is a compilation of the best brake pad manufacturers and suppliers in Netherlands.

1. Fremax Brakes

Burgemeester van Meeuwenstraat 18, 6191 ND Beek, Netherlands

Fremax. Over 30 years making the best, constantly moving.
Auto parts for OE and aftermarket, recognized in the Netherlands and worldwide for quality, innovation and safety.

2. Winparts

Stadsweg 110, 9793 PD Winneweer, Netherlands

Winparts auto parts is located in the north of the Netherlands, Winneweer in Groningen. This is also where the name originated:  Win  (Winneweer) and  Parts (components). Winparts was founded in 2004 by the brothers van Essen, Ari and Meinard.

In 2017 Winparts achieved a nice position on place 102 in the Twinkle100. The Twinkle100 provides an overview of the largest e-commerce sellers in the Netherlands. Winparts offers good quality products at a fair price . And of course we are happy to help you! Welcome to Winparts, the largest auto parts webshop in the Netherlands!

 3. Auto-producten.nl – Auto

Valkenierstraat 12, 2984 AZ Ridderkerk, Netherlands

We manufacture a wide range of brake pads that  will meet different needs of the customers in Netherlands.

4. Airbrake Parts Company

 Hogelandseweg 89, 6545 AB Nijmegen, Netherlands

Our detailed knowledge of all types of classic and new air brake systems is invaluable to our customers. We are proud of our specialists who have a wealth of historical and contemporary technical documentation. If a part is not there (anymore), we make or overhaul it.

The Air Brake Company Holland team proves what the company stands for: technical craftsmanship, drive and detailed knowledge.
If we can’t solve something, nobody can. Knowledge, passion and dedication; that is Air Brake Company Holland.

5. Carlife autoaccessoires in Zeeland

Industrieweg 13, 4382 NA Vlissingen, Netherlands

Carlife has a very wide range of car accessories and car components such as brake pads. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have a suitable solution for every requirement.

Every day we are busy adjusting our range in order to serve you even better. Wide range of seasonal items to high-quality braking solutions, power chip tuning, eco-tuning, but we also follow the latest trends.


6.Advanced Performance Parts B.V.

Archimedesstraat 7, 3846 CT Harderwijk, Netherlands

Our goal is to provide our customers worldwide with detailed technical support, professional product coverage, and inspired quality.
Our products and services are available worldwide, either through one of our 4 main regional hubs, or through one of our dealers in more than 65 countries worldwide. We pride ourselves on being customer focussed, proactive and responsive.

7. Fource Automotive Wageningen

Industrieweg 18, 6702 DR Wageningen, Netherlands


Fource. One collective of automotive professionals. The reliable expertise partner of today and ready for tomorrow. We lead the way. We are decisively and expertly ready for the rapid developments in the automotive market.

With a passion for innovation, we are entrepreneurial and always one step ahead. New techniques are emerging for the demands of the customer. We are broadly oriented, see what is coming and what is going on. That is why we are flexible in our services and progressive in what we do.

As a true professional idiot, we love the profession. Having all the disciplines that make our market. The fact that we bundle this knowledge and expertise makes us strong.
This is why people like to commit to us, because we not only arrange it now, but also in the future.

8. Kilinclar Automaterialen Delfshaven

Nieuwe Binnenweg 421, 3023 EM Rotterdam, Netherlands

From that moment on, Kilinclar Automaterialen has really been able to spread its wings and has managed to expand the number of branches, warehouses and the range. This includd stock and OEM brake pads

Kilinclar Automaterialen is a company that focuses on both private and business customers in the Rotterdam region. Due to our spread in Rotterdam and the surrounding area with our branches and warehouses, we can deliver many of our car materials and accessories from stock.

9. Rijsbergen Amsterdam Westpoort

armuiden 60, 1046 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands

We specialize in supplying brake pads for heavy commercial trucks.  Our brake pads are sourced from the reputable brake pad manufacturers in the world. You can request for both the aftermarket and stock brake pads.

10. carpartsdirect.nl

Vareseweg 123 C, 3047 AT Rotterdam, Netherlands


Carpartsdirect.nl offers a wide range of parts for all car brands! Here you can find the best oem brake pads in Netherlands.

You can easily find original parts for your car at carpartsdirect.nl. The car parts are offered at carpartsdirect.nl at wholesale prices and at the end of the ride this can save many euros! Become a satisfied customer by buying original parts for your car at carpartsdirect.nl.