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Brake Pads Manufacturers and Suppliers in Italy

Italy has a reputation for high-end vehicles and even motorcycles. Talk of the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati among others.

With these vehicles, you will need the best brake pads; the ones that can manage the power of these sports cars.

Even with an ordinary commuter car, you will still have to buy quality brake pads.

If you are looking for italian brake manufacturers, you are in the right page.

Read on as we break down the 10 best brake pad manufacturers and suppliers in Italy.

1. Vittone

Frazione Gallenca Ottini, 6 10087 Valperga (TO)

Vittone is a forward-looking company that produces hot-molded steel components for a wide variety of markets such as the automobile industry, agricultural machinery, earth-moving equipment, compressors, and industrial and military vehicles.
brake pads sweden


Via Guido Rossa, 2 40055 Villanova-Castenaso (BO)

The company ARTIGIANA FRENI DI GROSSI CINZIA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Hydraulic brakes industry. It also operates in the

  • Mechanical brakes
  • industrial brakes
  • brakes for vintage cars
  • and

  • brake shoes

industries. It is based in Villanova-Castenaso, Italy .


Via Alessandro Volta, 2 31030 Breda Di Piave (TV

Moratto Srl was founded in 1978 as Elettromeccanica Moratto, specialised in brake pads. In 1993, thanks to the experience acquired from working alongside some of the leading European brake pad manufacturers, the company began producing single- and three-phase asynchronous electric motors.

4. Cofle S.P.A.

Del Ghezzo, 54 20056 Trezzo Sull’adda (MI)

In 1978, the company Cofle moved into bigger premises and extended its range of flexible controls for cars and full control systems for tractors, farming machinery and earthmoving machinery; at the same time, it developed products intended for the European and global markets.

The company Cole exports more than 70% of its sales thanks to its great manufacturing flexibility.

5. Crimo – Centro Ruote Industriali S.R.L

Don Lorenzo Milani, 99/101 41122 Modena (MO)

Crimo Centro Ruote Industriali designs manufacture and sells automotive brake pads.

The company deals with internal handling, transport, logistics and any special applications, and additionally uses state-of-the-art equipment for the design and production of brake pads.


Brunelleschi, 12 42124 Cade’-Reggio Emilia (RE)


Werther International in Reggio Emilia works in the mechanical workshop, tyre, brake pads. The company works internationally and exports throughout the EU, mainly to the corporate market.


Luigi Galvani 26 39100 Bolzano (BZ)

As a matter of fact all CARCOS dealers have very soon identified the reasons on which their and our success were based: the very high quality of the products, their actual competitiveness, the wide range of brake pads, which we keep on widening and bringing up to date, the very careful observance of the existing european regulations, the respect for the environment as well as our quick and reliable service.


Tiziano, 42 25013 Carpenedolo (BS)

ESCOM S.r.l., the Italian company founded in 1993 and specialized in the production of brake linings in cars, motorbikes, agricultural and industrial vehicles sectors.

Production is carried out with the processing and transformation of asbestos-free friction materials as brake pads, by the affiliated german company known as EUROBREMSBAND GmbH.

BERAL is all over the world recognized as a guarantee of high-quality brake components.

With a wide selection of materials, ESCOM can offer a vast range of brake components and be able to satisfy every single requirement.


Nicolò Paganini 7 36022 Cassola (VICENZA)

Italian producer of automotive and industrial equipment.

ITALCOM is known for being the most reliable brake pad supplier in Italy.

ITALCOM are in this sector for over 15 years nevertheless ITALCOM has a big experience of more than 40 years in garage equipment.

ITALCOM brake pads are exclusively Made in Italy, ITALCOM is sure of our high-quality level.


Via Cassino d’alberi 16 20067 Tribiano (MI)

The company BARUFFALDI SPA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, founded in 1927, which operates in the Mechanical brakes industry. It is based in Tribiano, Italy.

The company also specializes in other automotive components such as brake linings.

These are the Italian brake pads companies list. Contact the Italian brakes companies in Italy now.