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Looking for the Brake pads manufacturers and suppliers in Egypt?  You can simply find them from the local manufacturers and distributors.

We have done our due diligence and listed for you 10 Brake pads manufacturers and suppliers in Egypt. Next time you need to buy the Brake pads , simply contact them and  they will sort you out.

Here is a list of the 10 Brake pads manufacturers and suppliers in Egypt.


1. egyparts.com Egypt

Address: Boutros Basha, El-Zaher, Daher, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Tel: +201152038523

Plus code: 3763+98 Daher, Egypt

Products: centric wear brake sensor



2. Your Parts Egypt

Address: Rihanna residence,B10، Zahraa Al Maadi, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


Plus code: X76Q+8X Maadi, Egypt


Rear Brake sensor

Europaretes is the largest online marketplace in Egypt for everything your car needs

Through our website, you can buy original spare parts with a warranty of up to 6 months, and you can also buy tires, rims and any accessories for your car.

And you can request the installation service for any spare part, perform any inspection or schedule the maintenance of your car through our partner Yorfexers who will provide you with this service at the bottom of the house.

That is, we were able to achieve the most difficult equation by linking maintenance centers and spare parts sales centers with the customer while he is in place, which means saving time and money for our customers.

You will no longer need to take the time of your work or your day to search for what is needed to maintain your car or repair the damaged car in it because we provide this service with high quality at the most reasonable price ..



Address: 42 ش البطراوى،, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


Plus code: 386P+VG Nasr City, Egypt

Products:  Break pressure sensor


TIBA AUTO SPARE PARTS was established by Eng. Shalabi Ghaleb in 1980, its main objective was to provide the Egyptian market with the best and finest auto spare parts approved by the world’s major car makers to reach the Egyptian consumer at reasonable prices and to achieve an appropriate profit for wholesale and retail dealers which may contribute In the development and revitalization of the market



4. طيبة لقطع غيار السيارات – شلبى غالب Egypt

Address: 42 Al Batrawi, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


Plus code: 386P+VG Nasr City, Egypt

Products: brake pad


5. A-part Auto El-Tawfikia Egypt

Address:التوفيقية، 20 البورصه، Oraby, Al Azbakeya, Cairo Governorate 11522, Egypt

Tel: +201000111882

Plus code: 363R+XW Al Azbakeya, Egypt

Products: rear brake sensor

A-part founded in 2002 , A-part the sole agent for several  automotive brands : BOSCH , AZPI , optibelt, Zexel , Gebe, Delphi , Sidem, Road House and Wix. we are a leading of spare parts for all kinds of vehicles running in Egypt.


6. شركة أجياد لقطع غيار السيارات Egypt


Products:  elctronic pad wear sensor

brake pads



7. Odiggo Egypt

Address: Unnamed Road، Ad Dawawin, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Tel: +201551891047

Plus code: 26VQ+JG Abdeen, Egypt

Products: Pressure brake sensor

Odiggo  is a one-stop shop for everything that you need for your vehicle, either your looking for a cool accessory or a superior car part then odiggo is your online place to be, as we are trying to help all car owners to find the best quality car parts with the lowest prices possible, along the ease of using technology, therefore our platform fulfills the need and the luxury when it comes to car parts & accessories, finding a car part has never been easy, filtering the prices and availability of all products in seconds.


8.  TPS Garage Ltd. Egypt

Address: Shop 14 Guard Mall Saaqah St, Sheraton, Almazah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


Plus code:39MH+GC Almazah, Heliopolis, Egypt

Products:  EBC brake pad wear sensor

TPS Garage is a Car Service garage established in 2003. TPS specializes in car maintenance, diagnostic, repairs and top performance tuning for Japanese and European makes & models. The company was founded from the desire to have one of the largest performance parts selection in the market, to offer the lowest prices possible, and to present the best customer support. In an attempt to provide customer satisfaction to the fullest. Our sales representatives are knowledgeable in car performance and are guaranteed to provide you with the information you are looking for.

TPS Garage is an expert at tuning-up cars at top level! Our work covers everything from general car repairs to software upgrades, programming and diagnostics, engine swaps, suspension upgrades, and a lot more. We pride ourselves on both custom software tuning & ready tuned ECU chips.



9. Natquic Egypt

Address: القاهرة, القاهرة الجديدة، Egypt


Plus code: 298Q+JV Nasr City, Egypt

Products:  rear brake sensor

pressure brake sensor

NATQUIC is auto care car service aiming to provide high quality, convenient  and comprehensive quick auto repair service.
Considering the growing trend in the market for specialist branded quick service workshops, NATCO  decided to launch its quick service network under the brand name of NATQUIC, that provide quick services such as “oil and filter change, tire and battery services, car washing and detailing”
In the end of 2014 NATCO signed a contract with National Petroleum Company NPCO (Wattania Gas Station) to locate NATQUIC Quick Service Workshops within Wattania Gas Stations.


10. Each house – spare parts motorcycle Egypt

Address: نجع سعيد، دشنا،، Qena Governorate, Egypt

Tel: +201102279791

Plus code:592F+3C Deshna, Egypt

Products: Brake sensor