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10 Best Brake Pad Manufacturers and Suppliers in Germany

Germany is known for its high-end cars. Mercedes, BMW and Audi are just some of them. Similarly, some brake pad manufacturers have set up their operational base here. Let’s look at  some of the best brake pad manufacturers and suppliers in  Germany.

  1. EBC Brakes Germany

Hertha-Sponer-Straße 9, 28816 Bremen, Germany

EBC Brakes is the manufacturer in Germany with what is probably the most extensive range of products for brake pads, sports brake pads, brake discs and sports brake discs for cars, motorcycles, MTBs, commercial vehicles, karting and industry. As one of the last manufacturers with its own production for sports brake discs, among other thingswe have production facilities in England, Germany and the USA. When it comes to quality, there are no compromises with us. For example, a large part of the raw materials that we use for our production of sports brake discs and all other items come from Germany. Instead of outsourcing, we are increasingly relying on in-house production. As with the new EBC complex, which even includes its own production facility for brake lining back plates. 

2. Chassis Brakes International Germany GmbH (A Hitachi Group Company)

Theresienstraße 2, 74072 Heilbronn, Germany

Recently acquired by Hitachi Group, the company boasts of supplying the best brake pads in Germany. Its brake pads are used on a wide range of vehicle and are of extremely high quality.

3. Deutsche van Rietschoten & Houwens GmbH

Junkersstraße 12, 30179 Hannover, Germany

Among our engineer products are the high quality brake pads. the manufacturer specializes in designing and manufacturing the best brake pads in Germany. Our catalogue features different brake friction materials from different manufacturers.

4. SBS Germany GmbH

Eichrodter Weg 57, 99817 Eisenach, Germany

SBS Automotive extends the NK product range with coated brake discs. The coated disc offers
significant visual and practical advantages. Due to the strong anticorrosive coating the disc will
remain stainless for a long period. This is especially an advantage in open rims where the disc are
very visible.
In addition, the coated disc does not need to be degreased before fitting saving time and costs for
the repair shop.

5. PAGID Racing

Lüschershofstraße 80, 45356 Essen, Germany

They fit most popular racing and high performance calipers and also may be fitted as an upgrade to many standard calipers for high performance cars.

In addition, PAGID Racing brake products are fitted as original equipment to some of the most prestigious and powerful production cars in the world including Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari and Porsche.

The brake products are designed to produce the highest possible performance levels over a wide range of operating conditions, and are available in many different material formulations.


6. MOV´IT GmbH

Auf der Heide 7, 65553 Limburg an der Lahn, Germany

We, MOV’IT GmbH, are a medium-sized German company with our corporate headquarters in Limburg an der Lahn. Our special passion: We develop customer-specific, unique high-performance braking systems for sports and racing cars. We also manufacture everything ourselves, 100% in-house in best “Made in Germany” quality – and distribute our coveted high-performance braking systems worldwide.

7. Svendborg Brakes A/S Deutschland

Kirchnerstraße 42, 32257 Bünde, Germany

DESIGN is the starting point of the process ensuring that your solution is just right for your specific operation. Experienced R&D and extensive testing ensures solutions you can trust. Our customers depend on us to be the Global Leading Experts in intelligent braking solutions.


8. o-brake.com

Leonhard-Kluftinger-Straße 6, 87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany

Sport brake discs “MADE IN GERMANY” Brake technology with quality without compromise!

In comparison, the highly resilient HTCIC material (high-tech cast iron carbon) revolutionizes conventional steel brake discs, even ceramic brake discs are surpassed (response behavior in cold as well as in hot condition).


9. The Kraft-Tek

Beim Strohhause 31, 20097 Hamburg, Ujerumani

The KRAFT-TEK ® corporation is operating on an International scale- while specializing on friction materials such as disc Brake Pads, drum brake shoes and disc brake rotors for Passenger cars and disc brake pads and drum brake linings for Commercial Vehicles.

With a long history in the Automotive sector (3rd generation) KRAFT-TEK ® is taking advantage of the most advanced German automotive know-how and the Canadian matching friction technology to offer a high quality family of friction products to the automotive markets around the globe.

While sales office is located in Germany, production is based on European and North American standards, at associated partners around the world, Canada and Mexico. Factory on-site staff assures and monitors a persistent quality. Delivering Premium products at affordable prices is what drives us on a daily basis.

10. MZ Group

Auf dem Brink 128 D-44329 Dortmund Germany

MZ GROUP, is join tow manufacturing company specializing in Passenger brake pads, Commercial brake pads, Commercial Brake linings and associated foundation brake components.
Over 35 years of experience in friction material along with factories, offices & distribution centers in six countries, MZ group is today a renowned manufacturer in brake parts for automotive industry.

MZ group has a long history of continuous improvement and technical development which has made us one of the most unique and stable groups amongst our sector.