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Looking for the Brake pads in Belize?  You can simply find them from the local manufacturers and distributors.

We have done our due diligence and listed for you 10 reliable Brake pads manufacturers and suppliers in Belize. Next time you need to buy the Brake pads , simply contact them and  they will sort you out.

Here is a list of the 10 Brake pads manufacturers and suppliers in Belize.


1. Belize Traders Ltd Belize

Address: 52 Central American Blvd, Belize City, Belize


Plus code: FRV2+XC Belize City, Belize


  • Brake Hardware
  • Brake Hydraulics
  • Brake Pads & Shoes
After many years of experience in the automotive industry Belize Traders Ltd. was founded in 1978 by Mr. Norman Shagoury who moved from Jamaica to Belize. Belize Traders Ltd. started out as a small company and was growing quite rapidly and in the need of more space. It was then when Mr. Shagoury decided to move from # 3 Central American Boulevard to #52 Central American Boulevard (our present location) in 1988, where he had erected a bigger building to suit his stock capacity. In 1989 Belize Traders Ltd. was inherited by Mr. Shagoury’s daughter (Melissa).

Melissa along with her Husband Gustavo Garcia formed sister companies Belize Signs Ltd. and Belize Building Systems Ltd. in the late 90’s, hence expanding the company not only in the automotive industry, but also in the construction, signs, agricultural and tourism Industry, with the idea of introducing new brands and services into the local and foreign markets.


2. E and C Used Auto Parts Belize

Address: Belize City, Belize

Tel: +5012270870

Plus code: FRX4+2H Belize City, Belize


  • Brake Pads,
  • Brake Calipers
  • Service Kits

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3. Zeta Auto Parts Belize

Address: Orange Walk, Belize

Tel: +5013222113

Plus code: 3CFP+VQ Orange Walk, Belize

Products: brake pads

Brake drums

Brake shoe

Zeta Auto Parts LTD has a professional and prepared team, including qualified sales clerks. Zeta Auto Parts is an automotive aftermarket parts provider in Northern Belize. Over the years, the company selection of parts has been steadily growing.

For more than 40 years, Zeta Auto Parts has been constantly investing in research, therefore, providing our customers with the best parts, as well as the most competitive prices.


4. Bruce Auto Parts Transmission Store Belize

Address: 1834 Blue Marlin Boulevard, Belize City, Belize


Plus code: GQ7W+4Q Belize City, Belize


Brake Drums

Brake Discs

We also order other auto parts. However, a description, vehicle identification number and atleast 25% of the quota is needed to begin the process.


5. Discount Auto Sales Belize

Address: Center Road, Spanish Lookout, Belize


Plus code: 7X4X+33 Spanish Lookout, Belize


Brake pad kit

brake sensor

We specialize in installation of windshields, radiators and more. Be sure to check out our large inventory of automotive lights, radiators, mirrors, glass, and AC condensers. With a variety of automotive parts and fittings you’re sure to find the right stuff for your vehicle. Conveniently located on Center Road, Spanish Lookout, we offer the best in Automotive Care.


6. Econo Diesel Belize

Address: Centre Road, Spanish Lookout, Belize


Plus code:7X5X+P4 Spanish Lookout, Belize

Products: Brake Pad

Brake sensor

Disc sensor

Rebuilding injection pumps and injectors started over 40 years ago by Jacob Barkman Sr. and his sons on a farm as a part time service, mostly for farm tractors. In the same service building we had a grain dryer, heated by wood. In one incident the building, including the garage and all the test tools, went up in flames caused by the wood grain dryer. It took years to recover. 

With time, Mr. Barkman helped with the recovery and his sons took over in 1995. More test equipment was added to the shop, enabling the rebuilding of pumps for automotive light duty and heavy duty
 trucks and equipment including engines. In 1999 we moved to our current location on Center Road with a new name, Econo Diesel and have since  provided parts and service for all diesel engines.


7. Westrac Ltd. (SPL) Belize

Address:Westrac, Centre Road, Spanish Lookout, Belize

Tel: +5018230104

Plus code: 7X6W+HQ Spanish Lookout, Belize

Products: Brake pad

Brake Drums & Shoes

On September 25th, 2019 at 10:15am, to mark the 50th anniversary of the company, an award was given by Westrac Ltd’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Peter Thiessen, to an exceptionally important guest; Mr. Daniel Plett, considered the the original founder of Westrac Ltd.

As Mr. Plett sat down with Mr. Peter Thiessen, and his wife Mrs. Irene, along with fellow directors Mr. Allan Reimer, and Mr. Erwin Thiessen; he began to reminisce on how it all started in 1968. This was the year Mr. Plett decided to buy the parts section of a multiple-section operation owned by Mr. Martin C Penner, who also held another local business called Koop Sheet Metal.  Mr. Plett remembered the details clearly and even noted the fact that repair of alternators and batteries was not included in this sale, since Mr. Penner’s son was educated in fixing alternators. In the year of 1969 Mr. Plett officially opened his business to sell tractor parts. His business was located in the humble corner of a wooden garage, right across the street from the current headquarters of Westrac today. He sold filters, transmission bearings, fuel bars, pistons, sleeves and some more items. Mr. Plett named the business Western Tractor Supply, a small company that would become Westrac Ltd someday.


8. Belize Auto Parts & Accessories Belize

Address: San Ignacio, Belize

Tel: +5018242424

Plus code: 5W4G+RH San Ignacio, Belize

Products: Brake pads

Brake Drums & Shoes

9. Fx Auto Body Belize

Address: 3188 Venus Crescent, Belize City, Belize

Tel: +5016159356

Plus code: GQ79+7R Belize City, Belize

Products:  brake sensor

Brake pads

Welcome to our auto body shop. Whatever your needs may be, get in touch with us today for more details about our products and services. We look forward to meeting you.


10. Hegar’s Auto Center Belize

Address: 26, Joseph Andrew Dr, San Ignacio, Belize


Plus code: 5W6J+67 San Ignacio, Belize

Products: Brake pad