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If the brake pads and brake calipers have a crashing sound, it is generally because the brake pads are not fixed properly, so go to a 4s store and let a professional mechanic fix the brake pads.

The braking system of the car is very important, the braking system is related to the driving stability and driving safety of the car.

The braking system of the car is mainly composed of a vacuum booster pump, brake sub-pump, brake master pump, brake pads and brake discs.

When the driver presses the brake pedal, the vacuum booster pump will provide a boost, which can help the driver to press the brake pedal.

When the brake pedal is depressed, the brake master pump of the car will push the piston of the brake sub-pump through the brake fluid, and the piston of the brake sub-pump will push the brake pads to clamp the brake discs.

This converts the kinetic energy into heat energy and the car can slow down.

The brake sub-pump is the brake caliper, which has pistons on it.

The brake pads and brake discs of a car are wearing parts, and these parts need to be replaced regularly.

It is recommended that you replace the brake pads and discs on time, otherwise it will affect the braking power.

Brake fluid also needs to be replaced regularly. Brake fluid is a fluid that absorbs water more easily.

When the brake fluid absorbs water, the braking power will be reduced. When the water content of the brake fluid reaches 3%, it needs to be replaced immediately.

When using a car in general, you must maintain your car on time, only in this way can you always keep the car in good condition.