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Looking for the best brake discs in Romania?  You can simply find them from the local manufacturers and distributors.

We have done our due diligence and listed for you 10 reliable brake pad manufacturers and suppliers in Romania. Next time you need to buy the brake discs , simply contact them and  they will sort you out.

Here is a list of the 10 brake discs manufacturers and suppliers in Romania.

1. Avn Auto Accessories Romania

Address:Centrul comercial Euro rand 1, Strada Divizia 9 Cavalerie nr. 68, Timișoara 300254, Romania
Tel: +40749132922
Plus code: Q69M+5W Timișoara, Romania
Products: Disc brakes

AVN Auto is a company with over 15 years of experience on the car market in Timisoara. We deal with the sale of car accessories and trucks, offering a wide range of international products.

2.  MMM Autoparts Romania

Address: Strada Câmpiei 137, Turda 401071, Romania
Tel: +40264504050
Plus code:HV63+72 Turda, Romania

MMM is a business group specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of systems that integrate tubes for the automotive industry.

The high technical knowledge, the  industrial experience and our company structure allows us to cope with the maximum speed the demands of our customers. We offer a quick response and an accessible, transparent and affordable customer  treatment.

We are open to new global challenges and, reinforced by our proven commitment to service, we want to venture with you from our plants in Spain, Romania, Mexico and Russia to your markets.



3. Fermit Romania

Address:Aleea Industriei nr.1, Râmnicu Sărat 125300, Romania
Plus code: 93H7+CR Râmnicu Sărat, Romania


  • Wet Brakes
  • Industrial Brakes
  • Brake Assemblies & Components
  • Heat transfer solutions


Ensuring customer satisfaction by providing safety through the delivered products.


Strengthening the market position through innovation and quality.

The strategy is focused on technology and human resources, as key success factors for achieving the company’s objectives.

4. AD Auto Total Romania

Address:Strada Verzișori 16, București 040038, Romania
Tel: +40213175909
Plus code: C495+WF Bucharest, Romania

5. Plus Auto Parts Romania

Address: Calea Plevnei 206, București 060016, Romania
Tel: +40213125070
Plus code: C3W9+63 Bucharest, Romania


SC Plus Auto Parts  SRL  is a private company founded in 2008 in order to become a reliable supplier for a wide range of clients, serve successfully Perten ‘s countries private sector both in the repair of vehicles and simple customers owners vehicles, partners of budgetary institutions, as well as partners of individuals. We have a team composed exclusively of specialists in the automotive field that can offer all customers both technical and economic consulting. 


6. Autoliv Romania

Address: Strada Tapiei, Lugoj 305500, Romania
Plus code: MWMR+GG Lugoj, Romania



Address:Şoseaua de Centură 5-6, Chiajna, București 077040, Romania
Tel: +40213050600
Plus code:CXQ7+7X Bucharest, Romania
Products: brake disc, brake pads, Brakes.

We are a super team of over 650 people, which ensures the highest standards in import and wholesale distribution for spare parts, mechanics and bodywork, service equipment, fleet management services, for cars, commercial vehicles and trucks, through its own network of regional warehouses.
The most well-known car manufacturers are our partners, and this honors and makes us responsible.


8.  Bardi Auto – Piteşti Romania

Address:Strada Sublocotenent Emil Simionescu 8, Pitești 110329, Romania
Tel: +40248281111
Plus code: RVQJ+9M Pitești, Romania
Products: Brake Disc



9. Fermit S.A. Romania

Address:Strada Preciziei 26, București 062204, Romania
Plus code: CXJM+HM Bucharest, Romania

FERMIT SA is a private company, well positioned in the friction and sealing materials industry, being a reliable supplier for the automotive industry and a traditional supplier for the chemical, metallurgical, extractive industry as well as for gas and electricity producers and distributors.

The company’s portfolio is wide and diversified, satisfying the requirements of automotive applications, the vehicles to which the manufactured products are addressed being: trucks, buses, trailers, light commercial vehicles, automobiles, railway vehicles and agricultural machines.


10. AutoEco Obor Romania

Address:Str. Doamna Ghica nr. 215, București 022826, Romania
Plus code:F44R+M4 Bucharest, Romania
Products:drums, discs,
shoes, brake hoses
and tubing

AutoEco.ro, one of the largest online stores of car parts and accessories in Romania, offers you over 2,000,000 original and aftermarket car parts, engine oil, tires and accessories from over 400 manufacturers.


Order quickly and efficiently from a real-time updated catalog. You place your order online, and one of our car parts specialists will contact you by phone for confirmation. 

In order to be in possession of the ordered products, by delivery or personal pick-up from one of the AutoEco offices, the order confirmation is mandatory. This step involves checking the compatibility of the ordered products according to the chassis series of the car for which they were selected.