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Looking for the best brake discs in Lebanon?  You can simply find them from the local manufacturers and distributors.

We have done our due diligence and listed for you 10 reliable brake pad manufacturers and suppliers in Lebanon. Next time you need to buy the brake discs , simply contact them and  they will sort you out.

Here is a list of the 10 brake discs manufacturers and suppliers in Lebanon.

1. Spare Parts in Lebanon – Original Car Parts in Lebanon

Address:Sabtiyeh, Main Street, Beirut Lebaonn, Lebanon
Plus code: VHJ5+69 Sabtiyeh, Lebanon

Since 2004 Technoteile Prd. GmbH is offering more than 5000 items covering all major models for cars and trucks parts.

Technoteile has many kinds of products , rubber mount , steering parts ,. suspension, tie rod, ball joint, shock absorber, Brake disc and brake pads, oil ,air and fuel Filters, water pumps,and many other series, for trucks and passenger cars.

Also we have our own tooling for many fast moving items. We are very quick to develop new application through our efficient product development system. Many times being first to MARKET.

We produce an ship all our products to our customers. the majority of technoteile customers are located in America ,Europe and Africa Technoteile supplies more than 10 major vehicle manufacturers

2. AZ CAR PARTS S.A.R.L Lebanon

Address: المشرفية بيروت، المشرفية, Lebanon
Tel: +96178805170
Plus code: VG65+WG Ghobeiry, Lebanon




3. Arz Auto Parts ابو الزلف Lebanon

Address: Cornish el mazraa، Lebanon
Plus code: VGH2+7C Beirut, Lebanon


  • Wet Brakes
  • Industrial Brakes
  • Brake Assemblies & Components
  • Heat transfer solutions
  • Components & Spares
  • Fail Safe Systems
  • Brake Testing Products
  • Friction Products

Arz Auto parts is one of the largest auto parts retailers and wholesalers companies in Lebanon. The Beirut based company operates more than five large warehouses in the capital Beirut, serving customers all over the country. From individuals to shops, companies, and corporations, Arz Auto parts is the main supplier of Korean spare parts in the heart of the middle east; Lebanon. With a state-of-the art sales and distribution system, Arz auto parts is able to cover orders that reach all of the Lebanese territory.

With a stock that exceeds 20000 items of quality Korean auto spare parts that include body parts, headlamps, chassis, engine, suspension, electrical, transmission, brake parts and much more, we are able to satisfy all our customers with their priorities and needs.



4. ALZAIM Lebanon

Address:Mazraa Street , ALZAIM Bldg Beirut, 6031, Lebanon
Tel: +9611651861
Plus code: VGH2+7J Beirut, Lebanon


  • PADS


5. Joseph Abi Ramia Tires Lebanon

Address: Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: +9611447983
Plus code: VGX6+2V Beirut, Lebanon




6. Jamil stores Kia hyundai Lebanon

Address: Mazraa, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: +9611653900
Plus code: VGH3+6C Beirut, Lebanon



7. Bakhos Trading SARL Lebanon

Address: Baouchrie، Lebanon
Tel: +9611883720
Plus code: VHP4+X3 Baouchriyeh, Lebanon
Products: brake disc, brake pads, Brakes.


8. Teyrouz Auto Parts Lebanon

Address:Industrial city، Baouchriyeh, Lebanon
Tel: +9611497451
Plus code: VHP2+XX Baouchriyeh, Lebanon
Products: Brake Disc



9. Kayale Auto Parts Lebanon

Address:Chyah, Lebanon
Plus code: VG7G+72 Chiyah, Lebanon

When looking for American auto parts, the first name you will hear is Kayale, and there’s no big secret to what makes us who we are. Since 1963, we have dedicated ourselves to the service, wholesale and retail of American auto parts. Our family-owned company prides itself on providing first choice, premium and reliable equipment and name brand auto parts, serving as a total resource for professional service centers, dealerships, fleets and wholesale customers.


10. Guedco Lebanon

Address: Kassardjian Bldg., Ground Fl. Dora Highway، Dora، Lebanon
Tel: +9611873974
Plus code:VHW4+3W Daoura, Lebanon
Products:drums, discs,
shoes, brake hoses
and tubing

Guedco has been making a name for itself as a trusted distributor of quality transportation products ever since it was established in 1963. Operating in the MENA region, the company specializes in a broad range of international goods, everything from heavy-duty commercial trucks and buses to off the road, agricultural and consumer vehicles.

While Guedco’s commitment to quality, safety and environmentally sound practices has earned it a reputation for professionalism, a global network of dealers using a customer centric approach has enabled it to satisfy the needs of an ever-growing clientele.

Judging from this kind of progressive thinking and the group’s plans for expanding further in the near future, Guedco is most definitely in the business of moving forward.