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Looking for the best brake discs in Jordan?  You can simply find them from the local manufacturers and distributors.

We have done our due diligence and listed for you 10 reliable brake pad manufacturers and suppliers in Jordan. Next time you need to buy the brake discs , simply contact them and  they will sort you out.

Here is a list of the 10 brake discs manufacturers and suppliers in Jordan.

1. Jordanشركة اساس لتجارة قطع غيار السيارت , حموضة ASAS Auto Parts

Address:عمان وادي السير الصناعية , شارع ابو حبة الانصاري ABU HABBAH AL-ANSARI. 24 Amman 11814 Jordan عمان، 11814, Jordan
Plus code: WRPW+V7 Amman, Jordan
Hamouda Trading Company HTC was established in 1983 and firstly worked in the field of Mercedes-Benz spare parts, by direct import from Germany. Worked on developing itself and expanding its field to become a pioneer in used and new German made Cars spare parts, Where the company has opened branches to serve a wider category of customers.

2. George Abuzeid & Co. Jordan

Address: North Marka 19 Ammon Street Amman، 11118, Jordan
Tel: +96264879100
Plus code: X2R3+6P Amman, Jordan


Our history began in 1949 when George Abuzeid & Co. was established as an automotive spare parts importer and wholesaler. Since then, our reputation has grown across both the local and foreign markets for our professionalism in dealing with both clients and suppliers alike.

In 1976, George Abuzeid & Co. branched into the furniture industry. In the last four decades, George Abuzeid & Co. has established itself as a leader in both auto parts and office furnishing in Jordan , serving many of Jordan’s leading organizations.

In 2014 and to better serve our customers in Iraq, we established LONG ROAD Company in Erbil and therefore we were able to respond to the requirements of the Iraqi market quickly and professionally.


3. Humodah Trading Co Jordan

Address: شارع الصراط 8 As Serat مقابل محول الكهرباء عمان – القويسمة، 11593, Jordan
Plus code: WWCR+QR Amman, Jordan


  • Wet Brakes
  • Industrial Brakes
  • Brake Assemblies & Components
  • Heat transfer solutions
  • Components & Spares
  • Fail Safe Systems
  • Brake Testing Products
  • Friction Products

Hamouda Trading Company HTC was established in 1983 and firstly worked in the field of Mercedes-Benz spare parts, by direct import from Germany. worked on developing itself and expanding its field to become a pioneer in used and new German made Cars spare parts, Where the company has opened branches to serve a wider category of customers.


4. Aswar Auto Parts Company شركة الأسوار لقطع السيارات Jordan

Address:Al-Iktisad St., Amman 11814, Jordan
Plus code: WRVV+JH Amman, Jordan


  • PADS

Aswar Auto Parts Company
ASWAR Auto Parts Co was established in the year 2001 and located in Amman – Jordan, we started our business in importing and serving TATA vehicles and we are the leading company in Jordan in this field. We expanded our business to serve Peugeot customers; we are importing and distributing Original and aftermarket spare parts for Peugeot. This offers us an obvious advantage to provide quality parts at the right price. We import the best parts and accessories from trusted sources in Europe, Turkey, South America and some other countries. And we are selling these products to the local market. We provide a wide range of automotive spare parts and quality customer service to the wholesale, retail and government markets.

5. AutoExcellence For Service & Parts Co BOSCH Jordan

Address: Auto Excellence For Services & Parts Co, Saleem Bin Al Hareth St 12, Amman, Jordan
Tel: +96265826531
Plus code:WRVW+JG Amman, Jordan


Autoexcellence for service and parts is a privately owned company that was founded over 59 years ago as a leading service and parts distribution operation in Jordan.
Our portfolio today reflects a commitment to supply high quality products and services to a diverse loyal customer base.

Today, Autoexcellence owns five service and spare parts sales outlets which are located all over Jordan and expanded its presence within the regional markets “Iraq and Palestine”.

Each branch covers the geographical area it’s in to ensure maximum market penetration. Branches are supported by a well-trained outdoor sales team and a fleet of delivery trucks working around the clock to ensure systematic delivery of products to our trade partners.


6. Jordan Supply Company Jordan

Address: Pr. Hasan St. 422،, Amman, Jordan
Tel: +96264747460
Plus code:WW5Q+W8 Amman, Jordan

Since its inception, Jordan Supply Company (JSC) has offered services to fulfill the various customer needs in Jordan. It has worked with its customers on the basis of partnership and shared interests. We at the JSC, consider ourselves a strategic partner supporting our customers, as our objective is to provide high-quality products at lowest costs and fastest delivery dates, all marked by flexibility in customer service.

Throughout the years, the products and brands provided by the JSC have proved their efficiency and excellence in fulfilling the urgent needs of Jordan market. These products have proved to be high quality and outrivaled similar products by other companies and agencies, reflecting positively on the performance and efficiency of the customers who rely on JSC.

We at the JSC understand your needs, and know well the volume of the lost opportunities in case of any work disruptions. Your success is our success. Therefore, we have carefully made available for you a bouquet of products by major U.S., British, Italian, Austrian, French, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and other major companies specialized in the production of bearings, seals, conveyor belts, industrial belts, belt fasteners, belts for small and big cars, and welding machines and electrodes.


شركة حموضة التجارية / البيادر . 7 

Address: Al-Ommal St. 42, Amman, Jordan
Tel: +96262007475
Plus code: WRRR+H6 Amman, Jordan
Products: brake disc, brake pads, Brakes.

The company signed an agreement with the Turkish Firat Car spray booths Company for the manufacture of car paint rooms where the company became the exclusive agent in the region. The result was an integrated system to serve the country and citizens and provide the finest spare parts of cars, oils, batteries and international brands at the lowest prices.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Rafiq Hamouda is still at the forefront of this achievement from the beginning until today.


8. شركة القمه الاردنية لقطع السيارات الامريكية Jordan

Address:Al-Ommal St., Amman, Jordan
Plus code: WRQR+X7 Amman, Jordan
Products: Brake Disc


9. Tarkhan & Son Ahmad Co. — شركة طرخان وولده أحمد Jordan

Address:#290 Tarkhan Complex Al Yarmouk St. Amman JORDAN شركة طرخان وولده أحمد 290 مجمع طرخان شارع اليرموك وادي الرمم عمان الأردن عمّان، 11121, Jordan
Plus code: WWMW+4G Amman, Jordan


In 1964 Mr. Ahmad Tarkhan opened his first Auto Parts Shop In Amman -Almahatta area, His mission was simple: improve the distribution of auto parts to serve the people and businesses who increasingly relied on cars and trucks for their transportation needs.

start his communication with German manufacturer and established a strong relation to become one of the market leaders.

From his deep understanding to customers needs and market demand, focusing on the best quality and best prices major facts achieved today ,to become on of the leading After market wholesaler in Jordan.

Mid 80’s Mr. Ahmad starts partnerships with main after market manufacturer and become the official agent for many international brands ,from Germany, Italy, China, and USA,S.Korea & more to come.

Tarkhan & Son Ahmad Co. is a company which is strongly committed to providing superior products and services to our esteemed clientele. We believe in growing our businesses with our clients and one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is by sharing useful industry-specific information which aligns with our company’s initiatives.


10. Wanchun Korean Auto Parts Trading Co. Jordan

Address: Amman, Jordan
Tel: +962799847003
Plus code:WWFW+35 Amman, Jordan
Products:drums, discs,
shoes, brake hoses
and tubing